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  • Oct 2 '16

    Quote from miko014
    think i need to go lie down now.
    i was fixin' ta carry meself to home, anywho...:hehe:

  • Apr 5 '16

    i'm assuming your friend will wear pants to work and wash her hands...???????????

  • Feb 26 '16

    Quote from pagandeva2000
    you should visit the web site these people had near death experiences, and at times, they speak about death bed visions. i have not seen any patients experience this, however, i have met numerous people who have had ndes. a fascinating phenomenon, and i believe in all of them wholeheartedly.

    thanks for the link--its great, and confirms everything i believe and have witnessed, both personally and professionally over my lifetime.

    i'm not even ill (that i know of!) and am a dnr with it all in writing. not the least bit afraid of dying--terrified of pain!! tgfm (thank god for morphine!)

  • Feb 21 '16

    sorry you are offended, but you seem very sure that your beliefs are written in stone.

    i was suggesting that over the course of a lifetime, individuals have been known to reconsider their outlook when presented with additional data. i certainly did. not all knowledge can be disected by the scientific method.

    wish you the best on the journey.