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    Thank You for clarification guys. I went through that article again and it seems more like hiring from "outside" the US. I did not read the whole story , guess, better check the armband next time before posting.

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    Im just curious of what ive found out this morning while browsing for nursing jobs. A santa Barbara Ca Hospital specifically looking for CANADIAN NURSES on different nursing specialties. Is this politically correct to mention a certain race here in the us? Well I dont mind if this is in Middle East....:spin:

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    Do You mind driving ? You can get better place to live outside the city. Traffic is pretty good if you work PM or Night shift....
    I live in Vacaville.

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    They can take anything from me, but not my religious freedom.

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    Nowadays, you don't need to join the navy to see the world for free.
    You got a nursing degree, you're in for a free ride.Anyone wants to share where they been as a nurse?
    1. Taiwan- Geriatric Nursing
    2. Dubai, UAE - Ambulance Nurse
    3. NY, USA - OR , Psychiatry
    4. NC, USA - Psychiatry
    5. CA USA- Psychiatry
    Wish List:
    1 New Zealand
    2 Switzerland
    3 UK
    4 Africa
    5 Philippines - Got to pay my dues

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    HEY guys! Im a graduate of Lanting Batch 93. I was in DCLCN past summer doing some paperworks for my license reciprocity (NY TO CALIFORNIA ).I was surprised, it was fast. Im PSYCHE NURSE and OR NURSE from NY to North Carolina and currently settled here in California. I am really grateful to this school that i was accepted after being "Kicked OUt" for not meeting the required grade on the " other school". Hey, I got Prc, NCLEX, without a glitch....
    Go Lanting...

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    Mosby, Incredibly easy, QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS only, AND A LOT OF PRAYERS. TAKE ONE AT 105. Did LPN TEST first to boost confidence. GOOD LUCK GUYS.