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  • Feb 27

    It's ridiculous! Even in home health care families can and do treat you like poo and your suppose to smile and take it and mind you, you are in "their" homes, very uncomfortable! That's just one of the many reasons why I got a new job! I start this next week and I will have little patient contact!!! Good thing too cuz I was on the verge of telling some of these people they could eat sh*t.....

  • May 10 '15

    Quote from KateRN1
    I have done four SOCs in a day and still had the paperwork in the next morning at 8 am without working well into the night. I have driven over 150 miles in a day and covered five counties on my own while case managing 70+ patients.
    Do you think that is "reasonable" to expect for one nurse to have to do? I want work to be part of my life, not BE my life.

    So don't even start with that BS of "you forgot what it's like." No, I most certainly have not.

    Maybe YOU have not, but believe me others have.... I just hate when nurse managers say the policy this or that in the home, because we don't work in a controlled work environment. Just yesterday, I was doing an Oasis in the home while being swarmed by cockroaches, then the patient said "I'm tired can you leave?".... the office policy went out the window, because I could not complete the oasis in the home.

    The house and laundry can go to hell before I let my trunk get out of hand.

    Again, I want work to be PART of my life, not BE my life... I've been doing home care for 3 yrs, so I know we have days when we have to suck it up, work late, ect.... I get it....but when those days become the norm there is something wrong with the company, maybe they need to hire more nurses.