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  • Feb 1

    i hope you get some replies???
    i'm a senior r.n. student and i don't know what the heck i'm going to get into when i'm done, but i'm browsing different areas, so that after i do a year med-surg (probably) i can go into something else.

    anyway, yep there aren't alot of SDS openings in my area either & that must mean there's not a high turn over rate....which is very good! well, hope it works out for you, good luck!

  • Feb 27 '16

    It's ridiculous! Even in home health care families can and do treat you like poo and your suppose to smile and take it and mind you, you are in "their" homes, very uncomfortable! That's just one of the many reasons why I got a new job! I start this next week and I will have little patient contact!!! Good thing too cuz I was on the verge of telling some of these people they could eat sh*t.....