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  • Sep 26

    I literally can not do "case management" and visits, because it's like doing the job of three people. I tried it once and lost my mind! The company I'm at now does case managing from the office and all the RN's in the field just follow up on the issues we see during our visits and notify the office case managers if we need to. All the nurses share visits, so you're not stuck seeing the same patients all the time. We have weekly case conferences so we all know the big problems of current patients. I have yet to hear of another home care that operates this way, but they've never been able to implement field case managing for their nurses- probably because everyone would quit.....

  • Feb 1

    i hope you get some replies???
    i'm a senior r.n. student and i don't know what the heck i'm going to get into when i'm done, but i'm browsing different areas, so that after i do a year med-surg (probably) i can go into something else.

    anyway, yep there aren't alot of SDS openings in my area either & that must mean there's not a high turn over rate....which is very good! well, hope it works out for you, good luck!