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  • Sep 23 '16

    Are surgical units any easier than general medical units? I've been working on medical units with the occasional surgical patient and am considering employment on a surgical unit. I have found the surgical patients typically easier - they are younger, A&Ox3, pleasant, few scheduled meds - altho some have lots of PRN needs between pain and nausea. On medical units, seems like I typically have mostly confused patients that are huge fall risks - who are on 10M meds, are slow at taking meds, want to talk endlessly, on isolation precautions, need lots of help to BSC or restroom, on restraints or bed alarms that go off continually, etc, etc.

  • Jan 19 '16

    I have tried an unbelievable number of hand lotions since becoming a nurse and this is my current regimen which works well. Before work and halfway through shift, wash your hands and apply CO Bigelow Dr Hiosous Quince hand lotion which puts a protective barrier on your skin. When you go to bed, wash your hands and apply either O'Keeffe's Working Hands Overnight Relief hand lotion or True Blue Spa Shea It Isn't So Foot Cream (contains more shea than their hand lotion). The Quince and True Blue Spa lotions can be found at Bath & Body Works (available online if no store near you). The Working Hands lotion can be found in dept stores - I think RiteAide or Walgreen's carries it. Another tip for saving your hands is to use larger gloves than you need whenever you can (like turning or cleaning patients) as it isn't so hard on your hands putting them on and taking them off.