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    thanks for replies. It seems like such a stupid thing to be hung up about, but i guess it's different for everyone

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    I'll be brief. I've tried to shadow nurses, but have not been able to due to patient confidentially laws, etc. I am in the process of applying to nursing schools, but am nervous about some nursing "disgusting" tasks.

    There are some unpleasant tasks that i've mastered. In high school, i had a job that involved, in part, cleaning toilets. i got used to it pretty quickly. I participated in cadaver dissection. i was uncomfortable for a day or so, but then had no problems with the tasks.

    I mention this to show that i can adapt to "unpleasant" situations.

    However, I am really concerned that i will not be able to tolerate situations involving patients and excrement.

    This has actually given me a few sleepless nights.

    Aside from this issue, nursing would suit me well. I hope that I won't crash and burn as a result of this.

    Have any of you had similar concerns, or have you seen people "wash out" as a result of this or similar issues?


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    Out of curiosity, why were these people hired without knowing what would be expected of them in terms of hours?

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    Has anyone taken the teas with an injury? I injured my dominant hand. The test in tomorrow. I have a doctor's report stating that i have several ligament injuries (hopefully not permanent).

    do i even have any hope of getting disability services to help me tomorrow morning (the test is in the afternoon).

    i can't get a refund at this point. I might just skip the test, and reschedule.

    Has anyone experienced something similar to this? It's really only an issue in terms of math problems.


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    I take adderall. It has no mental effects other than to make me alert
    and focused.

    Would I be able to take it while working as a nurse, or would I be considered "under the influence"?

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    I have a 4-year degree in biology. I am going to enter into nursing. It seems that the easiest way, at this point, is for me to get an Associates degree, and become an RN.

    At this point (and with experience) do you know of any:

    1. Nurse practitioner programs that would accept me with these qualifications? My reasoning is that I might find such a program, seeing as how I would have A. an RN license, and B. a 4-year degree.

    I have a feeling that many (but maybe not all) programs would require that I have an actual 4-year degree in nursing. What are your thoughts on this?

    2. Assuming the idea from above is not possible, do you know if there exist any schools that offer a transition program from an Associates RN to NP?