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Head Bugs....

Working in the lock down unit at the first nursing home I ever worked at was always hilarious. Most of the funny things I have experienced as a nurse have been because I misunderstood something I was being told. I am very "book" smart, but the hubby says I have no common sense what so ever. On this particular night my patient, I'll call him Ray, approached the nursing station with his headphones in his ears and his big black glasses on. You know, the kind they give you after you get... Read More →

Nurse Suzy-Q to the RESCUE!!!!

Average day with an average med pass, right? It’s the weekend, no head honcho’s in sight, and I’m a new nurse eager to do a great job. Still not comfortable in my own skin, but starting to get in a “routine“. Heck, it was Sunday and nothing could go wrong, right? NOT. Here I am moseying down the hall taking care of business. VS before dig, crush so and so‘s meds, not the Dilantin capsule though, put it in a bit of apple sauce. Flush the peg. “Med pass for you.” “Open wide, here you go.” “Now... Read More →

What a Nightmare.... (Humorous)

Finally, I realize that I have dried tooth paste on the side of my mouth. I excuse myself and wash it off. While doing that I realize that my hair is still in the pony tail that I put it in before I went to bed. Oh joy. I wet my hands and run my fingers through it, pull it up in a bun and return to my meeting. What a wonderful day, eh? At least I was minty fresh. Meeting is over and it is time to get busy. I hop in the car and start heading to my first patient's home when I... Read More →

Fixodent or Forget it!

I sat down to read allnurses yesterday evening at about 6pm. So, she arrived and we chit chatted all the way to the nursing home, having a good ole time. When we arrived the nurse was befuddled. She had no idea what would cause such copius amounts of secretions so suddenly. She had suctioned 300 cc’s of clear liquid from the man’s mouth. My co-worker and I entered the room to find a man who was showing no s/sx of “distress” per se. He was sating at 95% on 2lpm via n/c. Neither of... Read More →

Thanksgiving Humor

I look forward to the holiday season all year long. The day came and I went to work a little less than enthusiastically. I didn't want to be there, but I realized that my patients needed me regardless. The cafeteria personnel had informed us that they would be serving us thanksgiving dinner when they served the residents their lunch. My husband offered to bring me a plate, but I explained to him that I didn't want him to have to leave his family to bring it. He didn't listen, and... Read More →

Halloween Humor: There's a dog loose!

We had plans for children to visit the long term care facility I worked at and we were going to hand out candy. I thought it might just liven things up a bit if I were to dress up. Plus, it isn't so uncommon to for nurses to dress up in nursing homes for Halloween. I put much thought into my costume. I didn't want to wear anything that would impede my working ability or scare the patients. I finally decided to dress up as a dalmation. It would be easy enough to assemble and would not... Read More →

Mid shift shower...

All names have been changed and some words are misspelled for pronunciation purposes and curse words have been changed or left out. She talked about dances they would be going to, hay rides, walks along the river, school and other things like that. We would often ask her questions about Chuck and she would in turn tell us the stories about Leroy. She was just kind of stuck in the Leroy years and had seemed to have forgotten her husband almost completely. Nellie didn’t think she was so... Read More →

Anniversary Interrupted...

He appeared to be in agony. I asked him where he hurt. He shook his head no. I felt through the blankets and he seemed to be distended. His abdomen was very hard. He had an order for PRN cath so I returned to the nursing supply room and got a cath kit. I made my way down to his room. His wife was in the bed next to him sleeping. They had been married for several years and had many children. He had suffered a stroke a few years back and was aphasic, though he still had good movement... Read More →

The Mystery of the Denture Bandit(s)

This went on for several weeks, so I took it upon myself to put the dentures in all of the patients mouths who could not do so their self, and I did daily random denture checks. I would make my way checking and talking to my denture patients just to see if they still had them in. I figured if I kept a closer eye I could see where they were going. My suspicion was that a patient with Alzheimer’s was picking them up and hiding them and that house keepers were finding them and returning... Read More →

Chocolate anyone???

Maybe she would win the contest at the nursing home. I smiled when I saw her, she had chocolate smeared all over her face and hands. I was pleased that she had enjoyed herself so much. I asked her "Is that good?" She nodded yes and said, "you can have a piece." I explained that I was a diabetic but thanked her and proceeded to go out and get a washcloth to clean the chocolate off of her face and hands. I got the wash cloth and returned to her room and wet it with warm water. She... Read More →

The day you died.........

The day you died your daughter came running outside as I pulled up in your drive. It was around 3 pm. She was wearing the same clothes she had on the day before you died, her hair was wild, and she had tears streaming down her face. “Daddy needs you. I don’t know what to do.” We made our way up the sidewalk, my heart thudding each step of the way. I knew you had been declining. I had even talked to your daughter about your “transition”. She had been in denial and didn’t really want to... Read More →

Brave little soldier boy...

That I wasn't sure I would be able to, that I really didn't want to ever be in that situation. I got the job and was told that if we got any kids I probably wouldn't have to take care of them. We don't get many children on our services. It wasn't long before we did get a 13 year old little boy. I'll call him Robbie. Robbie had been diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of ten during a routine eye exam. He had undergone chemo and radiation and was in remission for a little over a... Read More →

"I'm Leaving You Here....."

I graduated nursing school in August of 2005 and went straight to work at a local nursing home. I had never intended on becoming a nurse, however that is the direction that God sent me in and I have not regretted it ever since. I loved the nursing home and getting to know all of the patients and their families. I never had grand parents and they all just kind of filled the gap for me. Each of my patients were like an extension to my family. Every time I had a pt that got put on hospice... Read More →