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The Weeping Turkey Diaries

As dinner time grew close, the family members of several of the staff brought in wrapped plates from the family dinner table. My family would have never heard of doing such a thing. According to my mother, my current holiday lot was my own doing. "You're the one that wanted to be a nurse". Several codes and a food bolus dislodgement later left me wondering if I did in fact want to be a nurse. As often would happen in this facility, someone ate my lunch. I moped and sulked through... Read More →

The Last Bag of Pretzels

Most of us run away from the dying. I spent 17 years in the ER fighting death. Death was our enemy. We posted statistics on the board at night. ER 5, Death 7. We couldn’t bear to lose a patient. Especially horrific is a patient that walks in, only to expire in our hands. How can this happen? We have the technology. We have the skill. How can this person slip through our very capable hands? We reviewed the tragedies. Surely, they have done something to tip the scales. We... Read More →

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