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  • Dec 16 '17

    Quote from gwafuh_rn
    I have a question.It says that atropine is used prn for excessive saliva.But when I read the drug info,it says that it is used to prevent inflammation of the eyes.Im kind of confused
    Atropine is anAnticholinergic drug. A poisonous, crystalline alkaloid derived from certain nightshade plants, especially Egyptian henbane, atropine is used chiefly to dry up bodily secretions, to dilate the bronchi, to prevent excessive cardiac slowing during anesthesia, and in ophthalmology to dilate the pupil of the eye. It works by suppressing the parasympathetic nervous system. Atropine is also used as an antidote for nerve gas poisoning.

    in hospice care we do not use it as eye drops but sublingually to make use of the drying effects
    does this help?