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  • Oct 19 '12

    I've definitely struggled with the same decision (for months actually!). I'm currently getting a bachelor's degree, and I reached the fork in the road where I had to declare what major and path I was going to follow. I understand how difficult this decision can be! Ultimately, I chose the BSN after a LOT of research and volunteering/shadowing both fields. BSN truly opens doors to other careers in the healthcare world, and if I decide that nursing isn't for me, I may very well become an OT. Consider what will make YOU personally happy when you decide, and also consider where you are in life and what your goals are. If you are looking for the more comfortable career, OT may be something to consider. But if you want something more versatile and exciting, nursing may be the better path. Either way, you are helping people, and if you can find meaning in that, then you will probably enjoy either career! Good luck!