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Haiti nursing experience

I thought that I knew all about transcultural nursing when I wrote about Yoshi- the young Hassidic Jewish patient we cared for and got through his bone marrow transplant. I didn't think that caring for Haitians and the nurses would qualify for this writing post. I'll give it my best shot. Last January I traveled to Haitii with 2 other nursing faculty to give the nurses an inservice- or what we call in the US "Continuing nursing education" (CEU's.) The nurses in Haitii do not have CEU's.... Read More →

Hasidic Jew Admitted for Bone Marrow Transplant

This is a great idea for an article contest! My first thought that came to mind was the month long journey our unit took with a young Hasidic Jew who was admitted for his stem cell transplant. Yoshi was 25 and traveled from New York city to our Boston hospital to have a bone marrow transplant for CTCL. (Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma.) For those who don't live in the leukemia/lymphoma world, this is a rare type of lymphoma that presents with open weeping, bleeding difficult to heal skin lesions... Read More →

A Patient Who Changed My Life

I teach second semester nursing students med surg on a 36 bed oncology unit outside Boston. I always ask the nurses on who would be good for a student- good learning experience, receptive to a novice learner and hopefully interesting diagnosis. My students are often uncomfortable taking care of patients near their own ages, particularly on this oncology floor. "You might want to take Stephen" one nurse told me. "He's not a cancer patient, but he's interesting. He'll be here a while." This... Read More →