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    Hello friends,

    I'm at the very cusp of my MSN program. I originally was accepted to school to become a PMHNP, but lately I have bee considering a MSN in nursing ed instead, for a variety of reasons.

    I have a particular concern that I could use some feedback in. How is a career as an educator (with an MSN, the phd will have to wait for now!) while raising a young family? I am recently married and going to start a family soon, and I really need a career that will give me a good work/life balance.

    I have a friend who teaches at a community college (not nursing) FT, and her FT is equivalent to 15 hours/week at the school. Is teaching nursing the same way?

    I really appreciate any feedback and I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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    I would love some opinions! I'm talking about starting a family with my husband, and I have been trying to do some research..

    What do you think is better for raising young children (infant-5 y/o): FT mon-fri no holidays or weekends OR 12 hour shifts?

    Any other thoughts? opinions? How have you maintained a balance between work and family?

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    Hello friends!
    My latest job is working for an insurance company as a utilization management RN. My job essentially consists of working in the field and assessing members for home care potential and medical day care appropriateness, then conducting the authorizations and paperwork that goes along with my decision.
    This is my first job out of direct patient care. It is so much better than working bedside but thEre are still some cons to it if course. I'm wondrering if I would like CM better but I feel like I dont have a good grasp of what it entails. Ive asked some coworkers who are CM but they arent very specific. From what they say its mostly phone calls with education for members and filling out questionaires to determine level of care.
    Is there more to it? Have any of you worked in both? Do you like one better than the other? Why?
    Please excuse any typos! (New phone and I'm still figuring it out)

    Thanks everyone!!!

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    Hello friends!

    Here is my situation:

    I work on a voluntary psych unit- FT days 8 hour shifts.
    I just got married, and I could be eligible for health benefits through my husband's job.

    I have an opportunity to work in another hospital system (a really big employer) as a PD RN on their 3 psych units- voluntary, involuntary, and adolescent. Requirement is a mere 2 weekend shifts per month.

    I can't work FT at my current hospital and PD at the other one r/t orientation requirements at the new job, I just wouldn't be able to get the time off from the current one to attend.

    I have been day dreaming of PD work for a while now. I have a romantic vision as a hired gun psych nurse, roaming from unit to unit, healing the mentally ill.

    I could downgrade at my current job to PD and work PD in both hospital units. I figure surely I'll be able to collect the hours/pay I need by having 2 hospitals to work for. I wouldn't have to work so many pesky weekends. I could double up on shifts and have 16 hour days to get extra days off, instead of my dreaded 5 day work week. I would greatly expand my psych nursing experience by working on those various units in the new hospital. and I would make $10 an hour more!!!

    But am I insane to give up my stable FT job with PTO, benefits, maternity leave, etc, especially in this economy? I've heard all about the risks of being cancelled, etc. At my current unit the PD are rarely canceled and we always seem to be begging people to come in and help. I don't know what the atmosphere for availability is like in the other hospital. And I realize it could change quickly if the census changes, so it's not set in stone anyway.

    I am planning on starting a family in the next year or so, and I feel like this PD situation would be better for that. But I would also be giving up a future 3 months of maternity leave if I go PD now.

    My heart says go for PD, my head says I'm nuts.

    What do you think? Thank you!

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    I work with a nurse who was once on the phone with a doctor and said "I think the pt is experiencing retarded dyskinesia." AMAAAZING!

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    Hello everyone!I have a question. If you wanted to become a nurse educator, can you get work with an MSN in education? Or do you really need a doctorate? I have heard this from some people and I am wondering what the take is out there.Similarly, if someone had an msn in nursing education and then got a post masters certificate as a nurse practitioner, will employers take you seriously for an NP position?Thank you!!

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    oh! That 3 years is including nursing school. I guess I shouldn't count that?

    Orientation- two days shadowing another charge. That's it.

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    Hello friends,

    I've been working in my psych unit for all of 5 months. I've been a nurse for a year and a half, and this is my first hospital position. Despite my protesting to my manager that I am not ready to be in charge, she insists. The FT nurses and some of the part timers rotate being in charge. She basically told me I have to start being in charge because she needs somebody to do it. There aren't many FT nurses on my shift, and one of them just went out on maternity leave. The manager makes it sound like I'm not being a team player by not wanting to be in charge and share the responsibility that all of the nurses have (even though not all of them have it.) I feel extremely frustrated. I'm sure I'm competent, and I'll manage because I don't have a choice. But it just isn't right, I should be allowed to have more experience before I'm put in charge, and the whole situation has me so frustrated, it makes it hard to show up on the floor every day.

    Has anybody else been put in this sort of situation? What did you do? How did you handle it?

    Thank you!

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    Hello friends,

    I've been working in an acute care psych unit for 6 months now. I'm feeling fed up with my unit. When I first got there I loved it. I really thought that I wanted to be a psych nurse. I came to work every day excited to be there, excited to work with my pts and help them however I could. But the more time passes, the more I feel dragged down by the unsavory aspects of my work place. the administration doesn't care about what type of pts we have as long as the beds are filled. my unit is more of a drug detox than a psych unit. The unit is "voluntary" but the ED tricks pts into signing in instead of being committed. The staffing is poor. The docs don't assess the pts, they wave at them in the hallway and bill them for a 20 minute session. People who med seeking linger in the unit for weeks, and pts who are still actively hallucinating get discharged. I don't know, I could go on and on with a list of things you have probably heard other people complain about.
    How long do I wait before I run? and where do I run to? I truly thought I wanted to be a psych nurse, and go and get my NP in psych, but I dont know what I want anymore. Maybe I'm just having a wake up call to the reality of bedside nursing. Or maybe it's just the place I work in now, and not every place is like this. Its just getting harder and harder to drag myself to work every day.
    Does anybody have any thoughts of advice?
    Thank you!