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  • Oct 20

    I worked for BCBS for about 4 years. I worked as a "care coordinator" or Utilization Review (UR) and Discharge Planner (DCP) for about 3 years and the last bit as a Case Manager. There is a strong delineation between the two positions. The BCBS where I worked, you had to work there full time for one year before you could apply to "go home". Applications were then evaluated for seniority and the ability to work independently and your productivity statistics. There were only a limited number of people who were allowed to work from home and the competition was tough for those positions. There were obviously benefits about working from home, but you were also expected to take more call or after time after business hours.
    The company I worked for looked for a varied background in their nurses. They liked people who had worked in the Emergency Department or other specialty areas. For case management, I would think your background in pain management might be a plus since you would be working with people who have chronic illnesses as well as acute problems.
    Many of the work at home people had small children, but you had to put them in day care, you were not allowed to care for them and work at the same time. the company had ways to measure your productivity and log on times. there were also surprise home visits. If you did not follow policy, you were fired.

  • Feb 19

    Are you SERIOUS with this thread? The reason I ask is that I had replied to one of your other threads about nursing student addictions, and have read others you started such as dependency in nursing and the one about about whether someone can obtain online narc scripts. I really think you should have obtained your answer from your previous threads.

    Interesting point Rapheal. I'm starting to wonder why all the questions on this and related topics.

  • Dec 2 '16

    Our cap had no stripes. The first day of school they spent a long time teaching us how to fold or pleat them. The folds were held together with straight pins, and the cap was held on by hat pins. Students wore the same caps as graduates/RNs. You had to starch the things.