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    This person has 2 years of experience. Nurses need ratios, not a reduction in hours worked. If I was forced to work 5 days a week without overtime I wouldn't be at the bedside.

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    Good question, and I am surprised the the "emergency trained nurse practitioner" doesn't know the answer. If you check out the description of the video on YouTube there are other intersting tells.

    Anyway, there are several articles on the subject. Here is one:

    Rawas-Qalaji, Mutasem et al. (2009). Long-term stability of epinephrine dispensed in unsealed syringes for the first-aid treatment of anaphylaxis. Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, 102, (6), 500 - 503

    Quote from CindyM60
    Great Video!

    Comment - what is the stability of pre drawn epi ( or any drug for that matter) at room temperature?

    Cindy RN, MN, OHS
    Advanced Certified Practice - Remote

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    This "advice" is dangerous. I understand this is a site for medical professionals, but putting this out on you tube is negligent.

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    Have you seen the original Brian De Palma Carrie? If not, you should.

    As healthcare professionals we are the first line of defense against abusive parents who do not tell their children these things. It is absolutely our responsibility to advocate for them. Their parents are not doing their job, or are deliberately keeping their children ignorant. They gave up their rights when they neglected their responsibility as parents.

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    Always bring your penis.

    Quote from Natkat
    i saw an interesting phenomenon take place during clinicals. Several of my classmates were assigned to the same floor at various times. In other words, the staff on that floor had an opportunity to work with just about all of us. One day at post-comference two of my male classmates gloated about how the staff told them that they would be guaranteed jobs after graduation. Me and my female classmates looked at each other with surprise. Nobody ever told us we were guaranteed jobs after graduation. I don't have empirical evidence but I have anecdotal evidence that there was some gender bias going on there. I made a mental note to be sure and bring my penis with me to clinicals next time.

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    Quote from herring_RN
    Here is a news article that includes the rally:
    MultiBrief: Nurses plan DC rally to promote proper staffing

    Here is the Senate bill:
    Text - S.864 - 114th Congress (215-216): National Nursing Shortage Reform and Patient Advocacy Act | | Library of Congress

    The organizers of the rally promote a House bill that does NOT include specific numerical minimum ratios. It only requires a committee. I thinkn it would be a waste of time working for this legislation:
    Text - H.R.1821 - 113th Congress (213-214): Registered Nurse Safe Staffing Act of 213 | | Library of Congress

    I think this House Bill is worth working for:
    Text - H.R.162 - 114th Congress (215-216): Nurse Staffing Standards for Patient Safety and Quality Care Act of 215 | | Library of Congress

    Sorry you are incorrect. The organizers of the rally are promoting two bills, S.864 and HR 1602. They specify numerical minimum ratios by unit.

    (b)Minimum direct care registered nurse-to-Patient ratios
    (1)In general
    Except as otherwise provided in this section, a hospital’s staffing plan shall provide that, at all times during each shift within a unit of the hospital, a direct care registered nurse shall be assigned to not more than the following number of patients in that unit, subject to paragraph (4):
    (A)One patient in trauma emergency units. (B)One patient in operating room units, provided that a minimum of 1 additional person serves as a scrub assistant in such unit.
    (C)Two patients in critical care units, including neonatal intensive care units, emergency critical care and intensive care units, labor and delivery units, coronary care units, acute respiratory care units, postanesthesia units, and burn units. (D)Three patients in emergency room units, stepdown units, pediatrics units, telemetry units, antepartum units, and combined labor, delivery, and postpartum units. (E)Four patients in medical-surgical units, intermediate care nursery units, psychiatric units, and other specialty care units. (F)Five patients in rehabilitation units, and skilled nursing units. (G) Six patients in well-baby nursery units and postpartum (3 couplets) units.

    The text of the bills can be found here:

    National Nursing Shortage Reform and Patient Advocacy Act (S. 864) -

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    Neurogenic bladder is related to neurological injury, not foley insertion. Was this from a textbook or an idiot nursing instructor?

    Quote from bindikwan
    I've heard something similar about draining the bladder too. Maybe we had the same professor? This is directly from my notes: "if you have to catheterize someone to drain urine, clamp after 600ml’s and let the bladder adjust to have less and then unclamp and continue draining, this will help to prevent a neurogenic bladder."

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    It's antiintellectuallism. Nurses are supposed to be good little worker bees who do what they're told and don't think. Thinking people rock the boat.

    Quote from KindaBack
    Nursing is the only profession I'm aware of in which many people claim that less formal education is superior and that mediocre students are preferred.

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    FYI that ring on your finger ain't no chain. Slavery is outlawed in this country. He can support his own self

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    I am a nurse, I have a medical education, and it is far superior to a Google search. The writer is so keen to get bent out of shape and offended the didn't even stop to think who the statement is aimed at -namely vapid internet celebrities and former nude models who spread misinformation and pseudoscience that is killing our patients.
    It's not about egos, it's about people who are dying because of charlatans and snake oil. It's about kids with autism being horrifically abused to "cure" their "parasites." I think the writer is suffering from a form of confirmation bias- they only see what what want to see. This as just as dangerous for the professional as it is for the layperson.
    Curious when the writer last took care of patients. I have had CHF patients in the ICU who do not take their medication, instead using essential oil. i have had family of patients in the ICU want to use homeopathy instead of medication. I have seen people who refused their vaccines die. I have seen tetanus.

    Get back to the bedside and tell me that a Google search is worth my masters degree.

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    This is utter horsepucky

    And you know it.

    Quote from wolf9653
    why did so many of the states put it into their articles of secession?
    The Confederate flag, despite all the chatter, is NOT a racist symbol. If you do some research on the Civil War, you will also see that the primary reason for the war was not slavery,"

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    Have you also noticed this $#!T getting worse?

    Blows my Daemon mind.

    I'm from Southern California. When the KKK have a rally here, we put them in the hospital. That being said I live in a rural area with real honest-to-god peckerwoods and aryan nations. The N-word is pretty common and I still slip up and use it. I was raised by ignorant fools. What is amazing to me is how people are so blind to this issue, even to the point of thinking whites can be racist.

    News flash - racism means oppression. White people are not now nor have they ever been oppressed. The amount of blatant white privilege displayed in these comments truly stuns me. We are supposed to be educated people who took sociology.

    I just think that something needs to give. We need another Malcolm X. It's been too long for stupid white people to get all bent out of shape defending this atrocious behavior, minimizing this, talking about how the rebel rag is "culture"

    I at least admit I am racist and privileged and that I need to fight this institutionalized hate. My daughter is better than me about it but this stuff was supposed to be over a generation ago.

    I am just flabbergasted. Such a long way to go.

    Quote from NurseCocoBSN
    Holy crap, I commented before I realized so many things.

    1. I had no idea you were a man.

    Please please please, if you are able: LEAVE. At least go to your wife. You are in such an unsafe situation and I'm afraid for you. I cannot even imagine how badly you feel. I am so sorry.

    2. Every single white person in here who is downplaying what is happening to you, needs to shut their mouths. Your feelings are valid, your fear is justified, and you're not misinterpreting ANYTHING.

    3. White people in here telling him he's overreacting: SHAME ON YOU. Shame. On. You.

    4. Please keep us posted. I'm going to be thinking about you all the time.

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    You, ma'am, are racist

    Quote from kathrynLPN
    First of all, there will ALWAYS be problems no matter where you are. It's hard, especially for a young woman, to tolerate at times. I say that because I'm 62 years old, and have learned to ignore fools; I just consider the source and move on. As for the racism aspect, you have grown up in a time where our leader - someone we should be able to look up to - foments racial divisiveness at every turn. As a result, racism on both sides of the aisle are more obvious. Trust me - everyone feels it.

    The Confederate flag, despite all the chatter, is NOT a racist symbol. If you do some research on the Civil War, you will also see that the primary reason for the war was not slavery, but industrial vs agrarian societal living and the laws that govern them. I find the rush to remove all things that 'offend' sad. If we forget what happened, we are doomed to repeat it. There were good and bad people then and there are both around now. It will always be so.

    I wish you well. I truly do. I hope you are able to hang on there. Try and ignore the uneducated and provide a shining example of what a good nurse is. In time (yes I know this part is hard) people will see your skill and goodness.

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    These are the most insane comments I have ever read on this site. What the OP is experiencing is illegal and should not be tolerated. Filing a charge with the EEOC is free and easy. Obtaining a lawyer costs more but it will be worth it when you don't have to work ever again and can send all your children to private universities while luxuriating in your custom built house. I cannot believe nobody has suggested that you file an EEOC complaint at the very least. If I were you I would have the jobs of every single person in leadership at the facility. I would also make sure they never worked again.

    Quote from KT_C
    Think of this job as a way to pay your dues and gain your experience before you can move on to a better job with less racist people! Its dumb to judge people based on their race, we should feel sorry for them

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    It is racist, traitorous and unacceptable to fly the confederate flag.

    Quote from SherrieS
    The comments being directed towards you are rude and unprofessional so speak up. But, Research Battle Flag of Virginia. Thats the flag people are flying in their pickups and not the Confederate Flag. And for most it's only a southern pride thing and not a racial thing. I hope things get better for you.