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    No, FNP, about $49.00/hour.....I think with the multitude of disease processes/conditions mental health and otherwise/minor surgeries/procedures that we do, this is low. What we do is by no means easy, and the patients do not expect any less from us vs seeing an MD. You should expect more if you have experience (2+ years). We really should press this pay issue. I know many many people, some of them my patients who's jobs do not carry the huge responsibility ours carry (life, death, litigation, customer service) and make a lot more, double even. So I say this with total confidence, we are accepting underpayment, and its our fault. Quit or turn down the job offer and if the ask why, be respectfully honest.

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    about 49 - 50/hr North Dallas, Plano Texas....add CME reimbursment, vacation, no call....