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    I would never had taken the plunge and changed my career to nursing if not for Brian and this site. Thank you, Brian. Be at peace.

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    Welcome NurseNea!

    A note to elasan, keep applying. They hire every month. Good luck!

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    It is easy, but there is quite a bit of paperwork. Oregon State Board of Nursing RN/LPN Licensure Information has all the info including the application. It costs $247 not including transcript fees, fingerprinting fee, and the fee for Alaska to report your license status to Oregon. You take the NCLEX in your home state and have your original license from there. Then you get it endorsed by Oregon.

    Just call the OSBN and they will answer any questions. The gal I spoke with was very nice. I recently mailed the whole packet and check and am just waiting for my endorsement. BTW, it is all electronic. You will not be receiving a paper license.

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    In November, 2007, I thought I would try to change careers and get into nursing school. The application date was June, 2008. I took some pre-reqs that were necessary for consideration - A&P, Micro. A&P II was online. I had to dissect a pig in my kitchen! I applied and made it into a very competitive evening program. Perfect, as I had to work full-time along with school and clinicals.

    I graduated with honors this past May, took the NCLEX in June - loved seeing that blue screen after 75 questions.

    Applied for a local internship program. Had one interview. I start in two weeks in the Surgical Trauma Unit ICU.

    What a great 55th birthday present

    BTW, my previous job experience included nothing even remotely related to the healthcare field.

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    Quote from MarieD
    I am finishing up pre-reqs and applying to an RN program for the fall - I wonder how many of you are out there that are non traditional nursing students - I have a feeling I may be the oldest nursing student on this site.
    I am 54 and in my last semester of an ADN program. Have absolutely no prior healthcare experience. I am doing well. I work full-time, too. After this, I plan on an online RN-BSN program.

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    Ahhhhhh! Brain dead there for a minute:wink2: It reminded me of "Simon Says!"

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    Thankfully, I have all the coreqs finished! And, yes, I work full time. Looking so forward to meeting you on the 12th!

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    Well, looking forward to meeting you! We will have to have a secret Allnurses handshake when we figure out who we are!

    Congrats! We should have a lot of fun in addition to the hard work!! It will be great!

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    Oh my goodness! Thanks for the offer! I will most certainly take you up on it!!!! Snacks are good, beverages, better :-) Gotta go now to put Aug. 12 on my calendar!

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    Just found out today!! I made the evening program!!! Yippee skippy!!!

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    Thanks for the info! I hope I get in, too!! I have 89 points.

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    Hi FL-MOM-O-3,
    How long did you have to wait from the application date to when you found out you were accepted to the evening program? I just applied and would like to get an estimate on how long I have to chew my nails to the quick!

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    Quote from alsheju
    Hi! I will be starting the RN program at Edison this summer.....finally! Have been doing my pre-reqs for 7 years now and was told I was pretty much guaranteed to get in based on my points. I am excited that I will finally be starting, but nervous about the work load at the same time. Also married w/children. My youngest is 7 and at least they are somewhat self-sufficient which will help me get thru the next 2 years of schooling.

    Post-partum is also my main area of interest at this point, but I am looking forward to trying out different areas over the next 2 years.

    Good luck!
    How many points do you have? Are you planning on the evening or the day program? Just curious, I wish to try for the evening program.

    Best of luck to you!!

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    I have conquered MOST of the habit cigarettes. I haven't smoked in the car for a few years. I don't smoke at work. Lately I have even stopped drinking coffee, drink tea instead. However, the times that are the absolute worst to get through are the times around the house when I "take a break" whether it be from studying, housework, or yard work. This is the time when I would take 10 and go out and just sit and have a ciggie, then get up and get back to whatever I was doing. Smokers know what I mean. What do you do now for those little breaks?

    I am still working on the psychological urge cigarettes. Those are the ones that have done me in every time.