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    We do it as you described. One page per med. Started when you get the med and just signed off with each does. We then have a page at the start of the book/ binder that we sign on at the start of the shift and off at the end of the shift. Each nurse has a spot.

    I might have at least 20 or more different carts, boxes of patches, injectables or liquids on my cart. I couldn't imagine doing all of that double charting. Is this a pharmacy consultant or nursing? I'd want to see the reg or back ground for the new requirement.

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    Wha??? I work in a small LTC and totally understand the staffing issues, but this was crazy!

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    Keep it simple and in one place. In my LTC, we have to sign the MAR, sign the narc book, fill out the pain flow sheet, come back and assess the pain then do a nurses note.

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    We seem to have good relationships with all of the hospices that we use.

    We are a SNF and may only have 1-2 residents at a time. Any isses we've had seem to be resolved by communication.

    A few things that we had to work out dealt with communication. When we get a respite admit, we rearely get a good listing of the medications or basic chart copy from the home.

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    Is the PT having an asthma attack or is this just routine?
    Since I have about 25 people to pass meds to and 6 or some might need nebs...for timing I would give the oral meds, cough syrup, then the nebs.

    If the PT was having resp difficulty, I would do the rest meds first, pills then cough syrup. Most prefer to take cough syrup last without water to coat their throat and prevent cough.

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    We've been using melatonin a lot more and it seems to help. You might have to up the dosage on it though. We really try to stay away from the other sleep meds and find that they don't always work but cause a lot of other issues. How about aroma therapy like Lavendar? Sounds silly, but what about a warm bath or shower? Has he been assessed for pain? Even minor aches can keep someone up. Tylenol has been effective for some.

    Realizing that what works today or this week, might not work next week.

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    Was he living at home? Psych evaluation? For anxiety? The elderly definitely can take pain meds. Is he getting an antibiotic? Stool softner? You mentioned no colostomy output, what about that? Is he dehydrated too? Therapy needs to look at him for positioning / comfort.

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    Hmmmm. I'm going to think about this more and then come back to post more.

    To start....the basics...shows up for work on time, little to no call offs, comes in for meetings or completes continuing education/ inservices. No complaints from families or diciplinary reports, completes duties as assigned in a timely maner.

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    It really stinks to be put in this position. You did treat and assess her at the SNF. As long as you charted all of the above and the converstations you had with the family, you should be okay. Was she A &Ox3? If not, the POA would be making the decisions. The POA said to keep her at the SNF.

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    Another thing that we need is an actual prescription for their controlled meds. The sooner we get this and the sooner we get the med list, the less of a delay.

    We still do good old paper MAR/ TAR and orders (we get them printed monthly from the pharmacy). Since most of our admits happen on the 3-11 shift and the pharmacy quits taking new orders after 5pm, this gets tricky. That and the fact that the drs offices are closing around that time. If we can get the orders faxed to us early, review them with the MD and get them sent over to the pharmacy, we are more than likely able to get them on the PM delivery from pharmacy if we donnot have the med in our emergency box.

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    I've created a special hidden place for supplies for the weekend! I have another nurse that shares this special hiding place and restocks it. After many years of working together, this is the only thing we find that works.

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    Yikes! This is a messed up situation. No therapy for days? Not OOB? (what about using a lift?)

    I've seen some crazy dc AMAs in my day. Some I kinda agreed with the family. I wouldn't have removed the foley unless the MD ordered it. As for a wheelchair?? They cost hundreds of dollars, so I wouldn't have let them borrow it unless I knew I was getting it back within the hour.

    AMA dc= no meds and insurance won't be paying for the stay. I'd make sure the family know about that too.

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    I already agreed with sending out the above resident. but I used to see so many unwarrented hospital transfers that I can agree with calling a supervisor or DON before a send out esp if it is a newer nurse.

    I've called drs before when I've had residents with a CHF flair up that might have needed a chest xray and increase in lasix or someome with COPD that might have needed nebs ordered. Doc right off the way is saying "send them to the ER" when it can just be a simple med change.

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    20 or so years in LTC and I would have sent him too. YES, we do have stat xray services and pharmacy and could start and IV long would getting that in place take? In my facility it would be more than a few hours. With it being 9pm already the Xray probably wouldn't have been done and then read until the am. Pharmacy would take at least 3 hours (we have an ebox with some meds) and the IV might not be able to get inserted either.
    I love the medics but get a chuckle with how they love to provide diagnosis within 5 minutes. The high temp and sob/ wheezing doesn't always equal sepsis.

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    If there is an urgent need for safety, I'm calling 911. I try to never let it get to that point.