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  • Mar 7

    Your stethoscopes were not lost. They walked away around the neck of someone else.

    Either keep your scope on your person at all times.. or use the Fisher-Price model provided by the hospital.
    I found I could hear everything I needed to hear with ANY stethoscope. I could even diagnose with my ear to the chest if need be.

    Save your $$$, fancy scopes are not necessary.

  • Mar 7

    I will look in Indiana.

  • Feb 20

    Keep a stick of gum or a piece of peppermint in your mouth and keep it moving because, Suga, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

  • Feb 16

    It's not entirely management. Based on the 5 star rating system, the more RNs the higher star value.
    Many insurance companies want RNs on staff. And, at least in my state, LPNs can't assess. Most of what we do other than push pills has to do with assessment.

  • Jan 24

    Whether you report directly to her or she reports to you I would still approach it in the same manner as we are all wintegral parts of the whole.

    I go into these things, or at least I try really hard, first determining what outcome I'm looking for. If it's anything remotely like validation I check myself and realign. Once I know I sincerely want the outcome to be say a good working relationship that benefits everyone then I know I'm ready.

    "Can we talk about how to handle errors and disagreements in our practice? You bring a lot of experience to glean from and I would like for us to be able to give feedback without either of us feeling like crap and I tend to have a negative gut reaction to criticism that feels personal and/or punitive. On the flip side I respond well to suggestions of how to achieve a better outcome.."

    For that to work you have to be able to check your pride, not throw up in your mouth as you say it and be able to be strong while simultaneoulsy being soft, it's all about what you want the end result to be and how to get it. Give her a road map she can follow and invite her to take responsibility to communicate better herself. This will decrease defensiveness and direct the attention off of you and back to the collective goals.

  • Jan 23

    Left LTC 2013 after 25+ years working my way up from aide to DON due to much of the reasons above. Said I was never ever ever going back to LTC. Well, you know how the story goes....plans/God laugh/etc.

    I've been back in for 4-5 months now. Accepted an interim DON, that turned permanent position from an old boss. Facility in a very tiny rural town and old boss promised this would be different than any facility we'd been in before. We'd worked together before in a high class, crazy, start up, high medicare turnaround facility. We only half liked each other but often argued a bit due to the craziness of the place.

    This time, he is 100% correct. Now I remember why I loved LTC. Nice little 45 bed facility, good "hometown" type employees as well as families. Expectations are reasonable for all levels of employees and as a result, care is good for residents and staff is happy. Families are obviously happy because their person is happy. (Think - no state complaint surveys in...well no one can really remember the last one. This has renewed my hope in LTC as a whole.

  • Jan 20

    Popcorn time!

    Another initial post from a first-timer!

  • Jan 4

    I was mandated so much in my early career at a LTC, that it's a make it or break it issue with me now. I haven't been mandated in probably 20 years, if it happned I'd stay over, but only due to my license. I would seriously hold it against my employer though and give my notice as soon as I could secure another job. Recently they hired a RN that appeared less than reliable to the shift following mine. When I asked my supervisor what she would do if that new nurse didn't show that night, she insinuated I'd have to stay (The nurse did show up). Needless to say, that didn't sit well with me and I immediately found a new job. I'm too old now and will not play the mandation game for any employer; they might stick me once, but then I'd be out.

  • Dec 29 '16

    I have written similar orders in the past, and in doing so, I was aware I might be getting a phone call instead of the on-call. I can say that when a note like that is written, it is done for a reason; providers aren't just monsters that want people to suffer and perhaps the short-term pain from a foot fracture is less damaging to a patient than getting re-exposed to pills they previously suffered with.

  • Dec 29 '16

    Quote from Summers3
    there is an order that specifically states "Do not call the on-call MD for pain meds"
    So, contact the doctor who wrote the order and the not on-call MD and let the doctor know the Tylenol isn't relieving the patient's pain?

  • Dec 16 '16

    LTCs and SNFs are looking for RNs more and more all to meet the expectations of the 5 star rating system. There will always be a need for RNs.

  • Dec 12 '16

    I haven't seen The Family Feud since the 70's....



  • Dec 9 '16

    You all have free coffee at your facilities?!

    Free coffee? What's that?

    Time me to drink coffee? What's that?

  • Dec 9 '16

    Quote from peglegmeg
    What if the coffee brand was very good coffee and for a competitive price? Would you then lean towards purchasing it, because it expressed recognition for the nursing field?
    No, I would not. In fact, I would probably steer clear of it, internally rolling my eyes at what is clearly a marketing gimmick (sorry, but that's how I feel).

  • Dec 9 '16