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  • Dec 27 '16

    Haldol is sometimes used as part of a whole cocktail of meds which is used to tone down an over reactive system to bring nausea under control...we sometimes use suppositories in our home hospice which contain ativan, haldol, reglan, and benadryl. This often brings relief to people for whom nothing else works. Other hospices use metaclofen suppositories (I don't know the precise composition but I know haldol is one of the ingredients.) I won't form an opinion of the appropriateness of its use in this circumstance because there is no way I could know the full picture, not having seen her complete MAR, not having seen the patient, not having a history to look at.

    What I do wish for you now, is to find a way to peace in your heart and heal the grief and the anger that you feel. I hope you will pursue some bereavement counseling. If you have too much anger with this hospice to accept their services, you can ask for that support from another hospice. Most will be very gracious about accepting you into their support groups.