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  • Sep 11

    I like the bookshop idea. I would love to open up a bookshop catering entirely to sci-fi/fantasy, have a little coffee shop inside.

  • Mar 2

    What I'd love to say to annoying patients and their relatives:

    "Go stand in the naughty corner and have a good think about your behaviour".

  • Jan 26

    I don't waste my energy with these rude doctors anymore. In fact, I find it funny how some doctors behave, try and see it as free entertainment. I've often laughed in their faces and walked away chuckling.

    However if a doctors starts shouting and being disruptive then I'll tell them to tone it down.

  • Dec 31 '16

    A good scout should always be paying attention to the needs of the scrub team. For example, If we're doing a laparoscopic case and things are going pear shaped then they should be prepared for the patient to be opened up. Sponges, suction, ties, sutures, laparotomy retractors etc.

    If the surgeon needs an instrument or something and it's not on the back table then the scout should be listening and anticipating what will be required. I hate having to repeat everything that the surgeon asks for, it's like playing monkey's telephone.

    One thing I loathe is the scout nurse interrupting the surgeon while he is operating to dictate some irrelevant phone message. If it's not urgent then why are you being a secretary? It's OR etiquette to ask the scrub nurse if it's ok to interrupt. I have a very strict rule in my OR that phone calls are not our responsibility. Did you study to become a nurse or a secretary?

  • Oct 19 '16

    Quote from TiredMD
    Bingo. If this wasn't the admitting physician, there was no reason to call that late. It's just completely inappropriate. This isn't a case of a "rude doctor", it's a rude nurse. Would the OP have called a family member that late to ask the same question? And I wonder, if a telemarketer had called the OP that late, if maybe they wouldn't have done a little yelling too?
    I completely disagree with your comments TiredMD.

    For starters your comparing a nurse who is concerned about a patient's medication to a telemarketer. Do I need to explain the difference to you?

    And the OP wasn't being rude. They wanted to do the right thing by their patient and they were following the hospital policy.

    This is a case of a rude doctor. Yelling and screaming at someone is rude behaviour, or at least it is where I come from.

    The OP is a new nurse and will learn when to call a doctor late and when it can wait until morning. Bad behaviour by doctors is hardly a great way to go about retaining graduate nurses.

    Oh and as for yelling doctors well I either turn my back on them, hang up the phone, sometimes I even laugh in their face. But I never apologise or act submissive...EVER.