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  • Oct 21

    OMG to the OP.
    same thing in my facility. I work a lot and help EVERYONE on my shift. & guess who is the nurse of the year? the one that sleeps in the lounge after 2am on every shift. The one that you hardly see at the nurses station answering patient's bell's. the one that when you ask for help, they give you an answer instead of going to the patient where the help is needed.

    I don't get it. I don't get how these people get recognized when they are always sleeping & you end up picking up on their slack-- putting iv bags when their patient's iv bags are empty, or giving their PRN meds.

    so not fair.

  • Sep 1

    as a former BC student & grad '07, I can tell you that I've been in your shoes before, I had to make up a few points to pass a couple of classes, and I was sweating bullets.

    mmmmm I'm wondering what you are missing in your studies...... when I was in NP1 & 2, I read the entire chapter word for word, and the boxes with the pictures I read as well-- a lot of q- came from those boxes.
    I also used the saunders, and looked for every topic that it had on the subject that I was studying, read that and did the questions...
    ALSO that big thick packet that we are supposed to buy in NP1 at the beginning where it tells you all the objectives.... I got a huge 5subject notebook and wrote by hand the answer to the questions word for word straight from the book, and I read those answers over and over. I ended up getting 40, 39, 42, and 37 in NP1, in NP2 there was the hurricane katrina, so we only had 2 tests, and I ended up with an 76 and an 84.

    when you read the questions--- never think to much into the question. If they say "oh a patient slips and falls.." don't think on how old the patient is or if they are a female or a male... lol... sounds like silly advice, but it is very true. Often I missed questions because I thought "oh I would do this in this situation"... and often because of my thinking I missed them.

    for NP1 & NP2 I did not use the saunders cd, I thought the book was more helpful for me because I could easily look up the topic in the index, and read the topic and do the following questions.

  • Aug 21

    before I was a mother, I worked from 7am-7pm and I loved it. I worked extra shifts, I was able to sleep at night, then do things on my days off.

    As a mother, I do enjoy working night shift. This is the reason why: you actually do things with your kids. Night shift is flexible in the way that you can sleep if you schedule yourself and your family, 4 or 5 hours before starting your shift. I sleep from 2pm-6pm and get ready for work that first night. I am able to give my baby a bath, go to lunch with my family, get her ready for ballet class so her dad can take her.
    Also, I am able to pick her up from school, I get up at 2pm, and my baby gets out at 4:30pm from pre-k, later at kindergarten she gets out at 1:50pm but that's next year. Anyways, I have been doing this since she was born due to the fact that i do not have any family members that are able to pick her up from school or any emergency. It's just me and my husband. so it really does work out well for me. When I work weekends, I still can enjoy my family. I see them in the beginning of the day, I can have dinner with them right before I go in to work >--on the first night. On the second night, in the morning I come have breakfast and see my baby, go to sleep, at 9am, then get up around 3pm or 4pm, spend a little time with my family before I go in to work, and the third night, the same thing.

    I honestly enjoy working nights.

    the thing that I do not like about nights, is that the day nurses are sooooo picky if you don't do something or forget something or that they think that you didn't do your job and later claim that you slept the whole night. At night we don't have all the support system that day shift has.

    I'm in my last semester of my BSN, so after this, I would like to try home health and make money that way because that way I don't have to be working with these not so nice nurses.

  • Aug 16

    Eventhough I only went there for one semester in the generic BSN program back in the day when it was pretty new in spring 2005. I had a really nice time there. You have a pretty full schedule and it's tough but the instructors are so nice, and they really care for you as a student and try to help you pass.
    When I was there, and the girls I kept in touch with afterwards and the plenty of students I meet in clinicals now myself as an RN, say that the program is excelent and they teach nclex from the beginning to the end always testing and preparing you for the state boards.
    you definitely get what you pay for at NSU.
    Best of luck to you :=)