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What Precepting Means to Me

I was asked to be a preceptor by my manager and at first I was unsure of whether to take on such a responsibility. Did I have the skill? Was I proficient enough? Did I have the patience to do this job? Could I be successful in this new task? A preceptor is an exemplary person who can teach but also sit back and review new grads as they progress through training. A preceptor will always be available whenever needed. Preceptors should follow and adhere to a learning contract to insure... Read More →

Positive Reinforcement for the nurse and the Nursing Student

I had a great day and couldn't wait to come back... This was so awesome and I was a NURSE! Well, guess what? Reality soon settled in and all of a sudden I felt like a ship lost at sea. No one helped me, my preceptor was condescending and wanted to know why I was so slow and stop teaching---get those meds out! Then, one day my world fell apart and I decided I just had to go to a different unit. I did and things were so much better...BUT, things should have been different on the first... Read More →

Follow Your Dream! It's never late to become a nurse.

I always wanted to be a nurse as far back as I can remember. I know I put splints and bandages on my dolls; Mom told me. I graduated from high school already married with a baby, school was out of the question. Then, my marriage fell apart and I met my next husband and had another baby. I still wanted to be a nurse so badly. My husband laughed at me---"You a nurse, never going to happen". So, then that marriage dissolved and there I was with a three year old and a one year old. Yes, I went... Read More →

Hints for Med/Surg Nursing

I always wanted to be a nurse but it took me over twenty years to do it as a second career. I only regret that I waited so very long to do it. I also regret not starting out on med/surg in the beginning. I am there now and enjoy it everyday. My number one tip for med/surg nurses is to connect with your patient, make eye contact and listen to what they have to say. They are someones mother,father, sister, brother, son, daughter etc. Wouldn't you want your family member treated that way ?... Read More →

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