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    I recall very clearly, a large number of posters here, who are not POC, who decided they were offended by certain other posts,graphs,photos. So if they can be offended by those or decide they are offensive, AND they are not POC, then I can do the same for other groups who are targetted in mean-spirited ways.

    Let's try to be fair about it, at the very least.
    Life isn't fair. I appreciate when people that aren't POC take offense to certain mean spirited things.

    But let's be clear and completely honest.

    If you tntrn were offended by the Obama caricatures while I may appreciate it, it means NOTHING...

    Who cares if you were offended? The offense would belong to the POC.

    If all the POC stated they weren't offended and yet YOU tried to make a case against it you'd lose. That's life.

    That's why you don't see men bringing lawsuits against companies being unfair to women. That's why people that aren't of color aren't suing the police. That's why you weren't in the million man march...

    Opinions of uninvolved parties just dont' matter...

    Fair? Maybe not but who said life was fair???

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    Quote from Jolie
    Stanley, did you ever attend a school where developmentally disabled individuals were the subject of ridicule by other students? Lack of understanding by adults? Did you ever visit an institution where developmentally disabled individuals were "warehoused" to avoid embarrassment to their families for having a "retarded" child? What about the lack of educational and vocational opportunities until the advent of disability legislation.

    I believe it is uninformed to say that individuals with Down's Syndrome haven't been oppressed.
    Bad care and misguided ideas of how to handle developmental disabilities IS NOT THE SAME as willful and malicious oppression.

    Not knowing the difference between the two explains a lot.

    We DID have a disable student at our school.

    I an tell you with 100% certainty that I, as the only black student at the school, received FAR more oppression than he did. Anything that happens at middle school or lower doesn't count because EVERYONE is oppressed at that level...

    Once again... I assert that the right is using this in a vile and opportunistic manner. There is no real offense here and if there was let the offended speak for themselves...

    So... The lesson for today is that oppression requires WILLFUL and MALICIOUS actions. Segregation and denying women rights is plainly oppression.

    Not knowing the proper way to handle disabilities or worse, considering children such as I was with mental disabilities as problems, not knowing how to handle them and placing them in special ed, placing them somewhere separate or over-medicating them is not WILLFUL or MALICIOUS. Simply ignorant.


    And the litmus test is that oppression takes action to overturn. Usually violent or public action. The Civil Rights movement involved lots of violence(towards it) and public action.

    I don't recall disable people having to have marches to Selma or sitins to get their problems redressed. I don't recall police shooting them or spraying them with hoses. I don't recall any of that. All it took was time and education...

    That's NOT oppression...

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    Quote from tntrn
    Whatever happened to the philosophy that the offended gets to decide what is offensive? This must be yet another example of do as I say, not as I do.
    Do you have Down's Syndrome???

    If you do then I'll take your offense seriously. Otherwise you are just being an opportunistic shark...

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    Hey... If you guys can deny the OBVIOUSLY chimp like caricatures of Obama I can deny the not so obvious replacement of Trig's face with someone that just happens to be so ugly that they may or may not resemble someone with Down's Syndrome.

    Not the same thing.

    Plus, since I can't ever recall Down Syndrome people being oppressed and ridiculed on a large scale I still call this claim bunk.

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    Wait... The downhill didn't start for you until 50???

    Darn... It started for me at 30...


    As for the hair, there is no silver or grey for me. Facial hair is going straight to white (over 50% already) and hair is receding faster than the speed of light.

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    Quote from tntrn
    Hi Stanley:

    If you change just a few words in your above argument, you will find it's exactly what some of the rest of us have been saying about other issues. To paraphrase:" it's only obvious to those looking for offense."
    I agree with you 90%.

    There HAVE been some issues where it's obvious to everyone but some refuse to admit it...

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    Quote from tntrn
    How can you say what the intent of the person who did the photoshop work was? You can't. And once they did the photoshopping, it had to be very obvious what the result resembled, and they said let's do it anyway. We can always say we didn't INTEND for it to be derogatory! Please. That argument doesn't fly in other debates here, and I can't let it fly this time either.

    I think they know full well what the result might be, and that's why they did it. NOW they are saying otherwise.

    How can you say that we can't say what the intent of the person was and then DECLARE what their intent was?

    The photo is only obvious to those looking for offense.

    The only people offended ALL happen to be on the right.

    What a coincidence... Oh wait. There is no such thing as coincidence...

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    Goes to show that if business says it you better not trust it.

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    Quote from Tweety
    I think I understand what you're saying. We're a government of the people and it's our fundamental right to petition the government to change.

    However, the mob doesn't always rule, but sometimes it does. It did in the 70s when the mob (which actually really was a miniority of people, mostly young) demanded an end to the Vietnam War.

    However, the mob didn't want black kids in their schools and the government forced the issue.

    The mob demands the end of the war in Iraq and so far, we're still there.

    So in a respect I'm standing in the middle between you and Timothy and agreeing and disagreeing with both, but leaning towards Timothy in that the mob doesn't write the law of the land. Probably this is for the best.
    In essence we were mob rule when it came to black kids in school for what ~75% of our history? The government made a determination and the people allowed it.

    Any action other than revolution is tacit approval. If I walk into your house and start taking things and you fight a little and yell at me but don't physically stop me you approve. If you didn't approve you WOULD stop me or die trying.

    Tea parties are not the revolutionary act Timothy claims them to be. They are impotent and weak gestures. Even the original tea party was a weak gesture. If they were revolutionary they would start a revolution. This is just a chance for them to get together and act the fool.

    And to allow groups like Stormfront to have an outlet while at the same time being able to deny that they are allowing Stormfront access.

    The analogy of Gay Pride parades being Christian because homophobic people attend doesn't mesh. The proper analogy would be if a Gay Pride parade occurred and a super extremist Anti Heterosexual group was in attendance.

    The thing is... You don't see groups like that.

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    Quote from Jolie
    Yes indeed, we have.

    I'm speaking in all sincerity and honesty here. I'm not perfect. I'm sure I have posted conflicting opinions at times, as you accurately state we all do. If you can point out posts in which I've been deliberately offensive or hurtful or blatantly inconsistent and hypocritical, I would genuinely appreciate you doing so, either here or in a PM. Because I honestly don't recall them. If they exist, then I owe apologies to my fellow posters. If they don't exist, then I will ask those who accuse me of such to acknowledge that philosophical differences of opinion are not the equivalent of hate, do not stem from hate and should not be labeled as hate.


    I won't bother finding the posts because then I would have to find my posts as well... I know they are out there.

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    If someone wanted to die I would have no problem following their wishes and helping them or even doing were it legal to do so. If my mother asked me to kill her instead of letting her suffer I'd do it in a heart beat. Blessed are the merciful if I recall...

    I WOULDN'T make that decision on my own though. They would have to make that decision.

    We speak of creating life and taking it. All of that is irrelevant. The single greatest right is self determination. NOTHING trumps that. If one wants to die no one has the right to stop it. I'd go so far to say that medical status should be irrelevant. The mere decision to die should be respected. Even more so when someone is no longer physically able to do it themselves.

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    From a legal standpoint, parents are always culpable for their childrens actions. This is why parents of ill behaved children are always sued.

    The only problem I have with this is that I think the prosecutors are reaching with the charges that they are using.

    I have no problem with a law holding a parent responsible but the law used and the charges applied need to match the crime being committed.

    Otherwise we'll start charging friends with Attempted Murder when they peer pressure another friend into trying a cigarette...

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    Quote from blue note
    I will wait to see if it hits more media sources but...

    Read more at link above.
    I've been hearing rumors of this over Twitter for a few hours now. I am wondering if this will pan out and what it means for all her 'supporters.'

    Kind of mysterious to have the same building materials in her home AND the Wasilla Sports Complex.

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    Quote from Jolie
    Original quote altered by me.

    Stan, does this observation apply to you as well? Or only those who disagree with you?

    Are you ever offensive? Perhaps if you acknowledged such, we could call off the all-nighter.
    Nowhere did I say it did or did not apply to me.

    However, I didn't make the claim of disingenuity and hypocrisy. You did...

    The onus is on you to acknowledge that my point, which was reiterated by GCTMT, was SPOT ON.

    This argument in itself explains the whole tone of the right. Accuse, mislead, misstate and NEVER admit.

    Speaking of misstatements.

    Palin used a sports analogy to explain her decision: "I know when to pass the ball."
    Please... If she knew when to pass the ball or quit it would have been while she was ahead. Before she opened her mouth...

    Do you know when to pass the ball?

    ETA: It means I haven't looked yet. We've danced this dance before Jolie. Are we done dancing or are there more one liners or ad hominems?

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    Quote from Jolie
    If you're going to make accusations, Stan, you need to back them up.
    I merely pointed out a bit of the disingenuous behavior you spoke of.

    The fact that another poster was able to restate my point means that it was made perfectly. No need to beat a dead horse.


    Quote from GCTMT
    You name one human being that isn't guilty of hypocrisy and I will conclusively label you a liar. We all contradict ourselves and we are all guilty of hypocrisy from time to time.
    I didn't say it.