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  • Oct 15 '16

    Every woman has that choice, and her feelings are real and valid. Part of it is that I was raped. Part of it is that I am modest and of the belief that only my husband should touch me and see me naked.
    I'm a nursing student, but when I was in the hospital last year I insisted on only male nurses. Ohh the female nurses were pissed lol. I made it a point to say that since as a male CNA I wasn't 'good' enough to work in L&D that I didn't think women would be good enough to work on me.

    There is this big disparity between men and women. It is getting wider every year. I think once a women refuses a male nurse, she shouldn't get any male nurse or doctor. If a male nurse isn't good enough, that male surgeon that could save your life isn't good enough.

    The reason this goes on is because society has allowed it. If the country said "No more. This ends right now. You can't discriminate based on gender." women would get over it. Just like in the 40s when black nurses started circulating. It is the same issue.

    When a patient tells me they aren't comfortable with a male, I tell them it is ok and then do absolutely nothing for them. If they need water, help, education or anything else, they have to wait for a female to become free. Our DON and BON addressed this issue for us because we had a shift with only men. The DON and ADON, who were the only females on shift, would not do patient care. The patients had to take us or no care at all.

    Sexism is just as bad as racism.

    Just think of it this way, the next time a man looks at a women in any other job than nursing and indicates that he isn't comfortable with a women handling 'his case, working on his car, or performing surgery on him,' think about how that makes you feel inside. Then remember how a lot of men feel :spin:

    I don't have to justify myself. Honestly, I am surprised that many men would even want to work in L&D.
    When my grandfather tried to be a pilot in WW2, they told him this same crap. They said, "Honestly, why would a Negro want to be a pilot. Negro's aren't good at that sort of thing. You would do better as a cook than a pilot.

    God what a bunch of crap. You don't have to justify yourself. It doesn't change the fact that you are still sexist.

  • Oct 2 '16

    Quote from suespets
    So, Stan; would bubbler be unacceptable(instead of water fountain) ? If so, that would really tick off a lot of hoosiers,buckeyes etc.
    Living in Indiana was absolute torture. Even the grammar in Texas was better. :chuckle:chuckle:chuckle:chuckle

    It is natural for separate groups to develop differing languages. Technically their usage is correct for their dialect. As far as English is concerned, sadly even I am incorrect because English is not spoken anymore. We all honestly speak varying dialects that veer from standard English and in some areas I would venture to say it isn't even English.

    It would be like Spanish. People believe that every Hispanic country speaks Spanish but technically Spain utilizes Castillian. Castillian is the original Spanish. The other countries speak different dialects to be sure. Some of them amount to different languages. People that learn Mexican 'Spanish' can barely understand Castillian...

  • Oct 2 '16

    Quote from suespets
    I think the only non-slang use for the word bust,is to describe the upper torso,mid ribs to top of head(not sure about use for a woman's "bust"think it's slang,or colloquial)
    Bust originally meant a sculpture of a person from the chest up. This is also why it expanded to include human chests (not just female chests).

    Every other usage of bust is slang.

    Whether you say busting rank, police busting a perp, busting a drug ring, busting a bubble or busting your head open.

    The main difference is when you bust something open, you crack it open. When you burst something it explodes.

    You bust your head open. You bust a conspiracy open.
    Your burst a bubble. You burst an artery.

    God... Being an Army linguist is the most useless portion of my resume. :chuckle:chuckle:chuckle:chuckle:chuckle

  • Oct 2 '16

    Quote from mom4josh
    Sorry, Stanley, sorry to bust/burst your bubble, but "bust" is okay (see
    Bust/Busted are non-standard English (Read: Slang)

    Burst is the proper word to use. Adding slang to a dictionary doesn't really make it correct.

    As for their/thier, that is solely a typing error. Many of my posts have letters switched and I am usually way to lazy to edit it.

    Another common misuse of non-standard English is dinner and supper. They are NOT interchangeable and are not the same thing.

    Dinner is the chief meal of the day usually eaten midday or in the evening.

    Supper is a light meal taken in the evening IF dinner has already been eaten.

  • Oct 2 '16

    Quote from suespets
    would you use every day in a sentence? I can't think of any ever day that isn't also repetitive or typical. sue
    I run every day. Running is an everyday activity for me.

  • Oct 2 '16


    According to the U.S. Government and the Army...

    Languages at the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center are categorized 1-5. The only level 5 language is English. Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Farsi among others are category 4 and then only because the writing is reversed and use a completely different lexicon.

    English is the hardest because our rules are nonsensical and have no structure. Every other language has a formal conjugation structure.

  • Oct 2 '16

    Quote from suespets
    alot is one word unless your talking about a parcel of land. "I use that alot" or" I park my car in a lot". oh, & don't forget "had lain" "when I was young, I HAD LAIN IN THE SNOW ALOT" I can see where emmigrants to USA would find English very difficult to learn.
    Sorry to burst your bubble. It is 'A lot' as in 'I exercise a lot.' (Had to edit bust. You burst bubbles, not bust).

    Had lain is correct. However Present Perfect and Past Perfect tenses (Simple and Continuous) are very tough.

    Immigrants in the USA aren't the only ones with problems with English. :chuckle:chuckle:chuckle