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  • Mar 24

    my question is does reference checks take this long and dont i have a right to know whether or not they are going to hire me?

    reference checks do take this long. not just reference checks either. after we 'hire' someone we not only check the references, we check the license and perform the background check. the background check can take up to 2 weeks sometimes where we are at.

    as far as a right to know if they are going to hire you... no. you have no right but to practice your own due diligence. interviewing with several employers is always a good idea. choices are always a good thing.

  • Feb 14

    Quote from maryloufu
    I am a Christian. At times I have wanted to speak to someone about Christ, but I follow the person's lead. It is a terrible thing to feel that a person is headed for hell. I feel that Jesus is a gentleman and He does not force anyone to believe. I do pray for all of my patients though, and I believe that our actions are a big witness to our faith.
    My actions must confuse people then. A big, friendly guy full of compassion and love for his patients. Yet an atheist. Heh. Testify!!!!!!!!!

  • Jan 7

    Quote from earle58
    i too, have seen these type deaths.
    what's interesting, is these pts i'm thinking of, didn't have any beliefs about afterlife.
    they believed in nothingness, total nothingness.
    it's over.

    it's obvious to me they did see something...whether it was a religious figure, an angel or something totally unfamiliar to them...
    and it scared the begeezuz out of them, thinking all this time that nothing was going to happen.
    it's a horrifying event to witness and more, to experience.

    whenever i have a pt who believes in 'nothingness', i have to tell them "don't be frightened if you see _________".
    they snort.
    i wait.

    While I have seen people have this kind of experience, I am pretty sure the person that has their first schizophrenic delusion finds it pretty life altering.

    Yea it can be life altering and yea they may 'believe' it is real... but is it?

    If it changes your life for better I guess it doesn't really matter if it is real. The only thing that is real that we know is that we will all find out what is truth in the end. No matter what you believe.

  • Nov 26 '15

    Quote from Patti SW
    Kevin RN08

    WHAT? Do you think at 12 years old you should be held responsible for your actions? If so why have parents who should teach their children right from wrong? At 18 years old the brain is just catching up to the body. A conscious decision? If you mean you were not unconscious then maybe. We wouldn't allow a 12 year old to make decisions for us financially or medically so we would it be alright for them to decide personally what is right?
    I hate what you must have endure but, I don't think a 12 year old should make decisions. That is why the court system refers to them as juveniles.
    You really believe that 10-13 year olds don't know EXACTLY what they are doing?

    You want to know what I did at 13? I WAS drinking and doing all sorts of illegal things AND outsmarting 'adults.'

    I knew exactly what I was doing. The only difference between a child and adult is the kid doesn't know what COULD result in 20 years.

    BTW - The 'courts' regularly try children as young as ten in some places as adults...

  • Nov 26 '15

    Quote from NewYorkGirl
    Alcoholism is an addiction - but the choice eventually comes down to whether or not a person is going to take that first drink or not. People in recovery stay sober by choosing to NOT drink one day at a time - but the actual alcoholism gets set in motion the moment they pick up a drink.

    And here's a question for you - why would anyone CHOOSE to be an alcoholic, when they could have chosen to be a normal drinker? I can't imagine anyone would voluntarily do that to themselves.

    Personally, I've stayed sober with the help of AA for over 6.5 years, and I think it is a disease.
    I agree. I think the addictive behavior IS part of a disease. However, every addiction starts with a choice. Not just one either. Multiple choices that eventually end in addiction.

    Drugs and alcohol run through my family like wildfire. My brother is a junkie (Cocaine), my aunt is a 16 year recovering heroin addict. My mother, father, grandfather, multiple aunts/uncles and brother are alcoholics.

    I was on the path in my highschool days but I chose to stop. The alcohol never had any allure for me so I still drink occasionally with no ill effects but certain drugs (Uppers), cigarettes and gambling pull at me like a river current. Even after one time the urge is ridiculously strong so I stay clear of all of that. Minus the smokes of course Can't be perfect. Oh, let's not forget caffeine either. I have enough nicotine and caffeine in my body right now to kill an elephant. Literally...