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  • Apr 21

    Quote from Rachel712LPN
    I just quit my job at a home health agency, worst company I've ever worked for. I was unable to give 2 week notice as I'm starting new job right away. He told me without giving a 2 weeks notice, it was considered abandonment and he was going to report me to the Board of Nursing.

    This guy is known to lie to me. If my memory serves correctly isn't job abandonment when you leave a job at home during your shift?
    Your employer is incorrect.

    There are 2 types of job abandonment. One pertains to labor law and one pertains nursing.

    Labor Law - Quitting without giving notice is considered job abandonment. This is not illegal. This is actionable if you are under contract.

    Nursing - Leaving without permission during a shift or when there is no one to take your assignment is prohibited. You could lose your license for that. You have to have accepted an assignment for this to stick. If you walk in the door and someone tells you that you are very short and you say forget it and leave then you have not committed abandonment.

    The fact that you were not working when you quit means the BON won't and can't act on this.

  • Feb 27

    Quote from uscstu4lfe
    Hi everyone, quick question. I've only been off orientation for a few weeks and today I feel like crap. I think it's a moderate case of influenza. I'm scheduled to work tonight, but I'm really thinking about calling off sick. Does this look bad? During orientation I was expected to not call in sick, and I didn't. But since I've only been working where I am for about 4 months, is it still too soon to call in sick?
    As a staffing coordinator I'd be peeved if you called in.

    I'd be REALLY peeved if you came to work and made everyone else sick and they ALL called in.

  • Dec 19 '17

    Quote from indiawhitaker
    He talks down to me sometimes.
    He usually calls me dumb & stupid.

    Yeah, this is abusive. My father used to do this to my mother.

    Quote from indiawhitaker
    He does it in a jokingly way.
    I don't think he knows he hurts my feelings.

    He was laughing the enitre time he was saying the whole "nurse" thing.
    I remember my father laughing as he beat the crap out of my mom.
    Why stay with a guy that does this? He knows it hurts your feeling. Most likely he doesn't care. He obviously doesn't care how you feel or what you think. He is only going to escalate this behavior.

    Go become a nurse. Don't let anyone stop you.

  • Nov 19 '17

    Quote from sleepybunny005
    Will it be a good thing to just let her delusions be? Or should I try presenting her with reality?
    Denying her delusions or challenging them will most likely not end well. Sue had it right with acknowledging but not validating.

    When you are in the midst of a delusion it is as real as your normal reality. Someone denying it can lead to all kinds of issues, anger and mistrust being big ones.

    (Not speaking from nursing experience, speaking from the experience of having been delusional ) <-- Multiple Times ROFL :chuckle