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  • Jan 19

    Hi, just thought I would add a little more. The circulating RN can do both roles. The circulating nurse must be an RN, in our facilty. When we circulate we are not "sterile" Our job is to set up the equipment and know how to run it(scrubbed in personal such as md or scrub are sterile, they cannot touch anything but the sterile field.) We interview the patient, pour meds onto the field, position the patients on the table, do the prep, shave, foley ect.. We do the counts with the scrub tech, do the paper work, assist anesthesia with the intibation...ect. We are responsible to ensure the scrub tech has the needed instruments set up. During the case we throw any needed supplies onto the fields for the doctor, monitor the patients safty(down to the temperature in the room) We assist with drawing labs, running blood, and are in charge of packaging and getting specimens to the lab. We asist with the dressings. At the end of the case we assist with extibation, and escort the patient to the recovery room with anesthesia and give a report to the recieving RN. We put away our equipment while the tech is clearing off their table. Housekeeping mops and wipes the rooms down.
    Hope this helped chrissy OR RN