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I have over 25 years nursing experience with medical/surgical, psychiatry, pediatrics, and neonatal intensive care. I have been a staff nurse, charge nurse, educator, instructor, manager, and nursing director. My instructor experience includes research utilization, med/surg nursing, mental health, and physical assessment. I graduated with a nursing diploma from Foothills Hospital School of Nursing in Calgary, Alberta in 1989. I achieved my Bachelor in Nursing in 2000, and my Master of Science in Nursing in 2005. I am certified in Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing and am currently pursuing my PhD in Nursing. I am active in the American Nurses Association, and with the National Certification Corporation. My current and previous roles include research utilization, nursing peer review and advancement, education, use of simulation, quality, process improvement, leadership development, infection control, patient throughput, nursing operations, and professional development.

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