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In my prayers

In Emergency Medicine we don’t get the lovey dovey stuff so often with patients. We see patients at their worst. We try to get a big picture as to what’s going on with them, stabilize them and then ship them off. Sometimes before we even get to even know them, they’re out to another room or holding area so we can get another one in. All the stuff they teach in nursing school about getting to know your patients is for floor nurses. But I have alot of respect for them. We’re hard in the ER. Our... Read More →

No patient should ever feel embarrassed.

One patient sticks out tonight… I felt really bad for this older gentleman I took care of today. He came in 79 year old male with new onset shortness of breath. You could tell he was in CHF. He had edema all over his body, rales, and all that good stuff. What stuck out though was his hygiene. He looked like he hadn't showered in three weeks.. He had this build up in his hair.. he had pus in both eyes which made them red.. His glasses were filthy… One of my coworkers actually cleaned them... Read More →

Why nursing was for me...

Most people grow up having a clear understanding as to what they want to be in life. It is the norm to attend high school, move on to college and pursue these goals. I, on the other hand did not have just one set goal. In elementary school, I wanted to be an engineer, because my dad said that’s what I should be. In junior high school, the show Baywatch was always on. I wanted to be a lifeguard because it seemed cool; beautiful people being heroes where everyone looked at them in awe as they... Read More →

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