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    I agree that people can be cruel in our field. I do not understand why some think there must be a pecking order of such. I was a CNA and then went on and got my LPN in which I practiced for many years prior to getting my RN. It did and still does upset me when I tell someone I am a nurse and then they reply which LPN or RN. I am the same nurse I was back then. Within RNs they argue over wether you are an ADN or BSN, seriously who cares. MY 20 year old daughter is in A BSN school now and while I love her and am glad she is going through the program it is scary to think that in 2 short years she will be let loose. No offense toward my child, its just that these days a BSN is everything regardless of your experience. I value experience and we should teach the new nurses coming up in our field to respect those with experience regardless of our titles. One of the best charge nurses I ever worked for was an LPN/EMT and I learned a great deal from her. You are right in that one should just consider the source and let it roll off.

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    I have worked on contract in Anchorage Alaska. I have worked at the Native hospital, Providence medical center and I did a contract on Ft. Rich military base. I had very good experiences. I would not however work in any of the remote areas. Stick to Anchorage, Fairbanks, Junea, Sitka, Homer, Seward. Stay out of the villages, outsiders are not always welcome. All of my family also live in Alaska, so I often choose an assignment up there. Take care and I hope this helps.