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Top 8 things I hate about being a nurse

Wondering why I chose eight? Each entry represents the standard eight hours nurses like me spend in one shift. Standard, eh? I frankly used the number because I need one; otherwise if I add up all the extended hours, this list could go on forever. So I hate being a nurse because... EIGHT - Nurses wear all white and we have to wear our hair up in a bun. You know how inconvenient plus hard to maintain that is? Okay, I came to duty on a heavy rain and mud starts making its way up my white... Read More →

Acing the NLE (Nursing Licensure Examinations)

This goes to my good friend Jamie Lane who will be taking the Nursing Licensure Examinations on July 2-3, 2011. Goodluck to you and to the rest of the 126, 826 future registered nurses. Exactly one year ago, I was one of those agitated nursing graduates who wanted to make their names longer by adding an R and an N. I was neither the best student in my college class nor during review, but I made it to the list of successful examinees in one take. I did not do much to prepare, but I'm sure I... Read More →