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  • Mar 14

    We had an elderly, terminal woman in a room right next to the nurses station. One night we heard 2 distinct voices, it was around 3am & we all thought it was odd for a visitor to come at that hour. I went in to see what was going on & she was alone in her room.
    When I asked her about the voices she said "oh, that was my husband, he just dropped by to see me. She passed the next night. I was breaking her chart down & something on her H&P caught my eye.
    Her husband had been dead for 20 years.

  • Dec 26 '15

    The nurse I wrote about scared me ********.
    we worked together for 6 months and in that time I caught her:
    1. Trying to put a dislodged NG tube back down with the feeding pump still running (she tried to kick the door shut to keep me out)
    2. I walked in & caught her inflating the balloon on a foley before she got urine return......tore the patients urethra.....
    3. She used to put all her patients meds in cups with the room # written on the bottom. She got off by one room # & gave 4 patients the wrong meds.
    4. She asked me to do wound care for a patient...I walked in & discovered that she had opened a bottle of golitly & had been using it instead of NS. Not only was it the wrong solution, it was 3 days old (her initials on the bottle).
    5. Gave a dose of AM insulin to the wrong patient.
    6. She had a patient on a hep drip, I walked by the room & noticed a huge lump on the side of her neck...I immediately stopped the drip & notified nurse nightmare of what I found. She went in the room & restarted the drip. I called the night supervisor, the patient had a huge bleed & was sent to the ICU.

    I reached the point of refusing to work with her, along with everyone else.

    She grew to hate my guts, (I have no idea why) then, after she was allowed to quit, she moved to another city & went into research. Her mom suffered a CVA & guess who was doing her discharge teaching when dear daughter called to ask how things were going.....

    She hung up, called the president of the hospital & demanded someone else discharge her mom. Our DON called her back & offered to re-read all her write ups to her as a reminder of her glory days in bedside care. I finished the discharge, with the insufferable ***** on the phone listening the entire time.

  • Jun 6 '15

    I've worked with one CNA that was dubbed "The CNA from Hell." For some reason, when I took the job on her unit, she took a liking to me. Because I judge people by the way they treat me, not hearsay, I gave her the benefit of the doubt, even though I was ostracized for it.

    Then one day we went to lunch together & she opened up to me, telling me all her dirty little any time she has to give a bath to a patient that appears to be unconscious, she rolls them over, straightens the sheets, powders their behinds & then settles in for her favorite afternoon soap.

    I've never been so disappointed in a human being in my entire life. I notified our DON, she planted a patient that fit the bill & sure enough, talcum powder & straightened sheets, that was it.
    She spent 34 minutes on her cell phone & watched All My Children.

    After she was fired, she threatened to have me killed & filed a discrimination law suit against the facility. Seriously, they had to drag her from the building kicking & screaming.

    That said, she's the only CNA I've ever had less than the utmost respect for, and I respected her until she gave me reason not to.