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    I'm sad to hear that SSU has terminated their contract with ISU. I know that many LVNs in California go is route in hopes to bridge as an RN. Could you send me information on the petition? I would like to sign it and support you guys. Thanks!

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    I'm a new graduate nurse and as all of you know the job market is horrible for us new grads. I have heard that some new grads hand deliver their resume and cover letter to the hiring manager. Most of those whom i heard did this were hired on the spot. Does this come off as too pushy to managers? I am planning on doing this regardless as I'm tired of seeing my resume being sent into a black hole and never called or emailed back. I just wanted to hear everyone's opinion.Thanks in advance!

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    I have an ADN and a bachelors degree in another field. I plan on getting my BSN because many hospitals are becoming magnet status and are requiring RNs to have their BSN and many job postings are stating "BSN preferred" under their qualifications. I too am looking into WGU to get my BSN. Good luck!

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    Congrats on finishing the program. What order of courses did you take during the program? How many hours a week did you study? Which class(es) were the hardest? Which class(es) were the easiest?Thanks in advance!

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    For those who graduated from WGU, was wondering how long did it take you to finish your program? Which program did you complete?

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    I just graduated from an ADN program and am contemplating whether to pursue my RN to BSN through an online program such as Western Governors University or just enroll at the local brick and mortar state college.I have been told that online education and degrees are the wave of the future. However, other people have told me that an online degree is frowned upon by employers. I also read one job listing at the local hospital where i am from clearly stating that online degrees are acceptable. Are BSN degrees really frowned upon? Why have online RN-BSN programs to begin with if they are not accepted?

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    So sorry to hear that! You graduated nursing school and survived. The hardest part is over. Take a break, relax, and then recoup and study again. The good thing is that you can take it again and again until you pass. Good luck!

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    What resources are you using to study for the NCLEX? Have you taken any assessment test to see which areas you need to study on?

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    Quote from oztizz184
    CONGRATS!!! how was your exam? like what kind of q's etc? did you do any practice questions?
    I got every type of question you can think of.

    a lot of SATA and priority questions. If I were to round it, I'd say I had about 20-25 SATA and 15-20 priority questions.

    The only questions I did was one Hurst practice test and the sample Kaplan test that they offered for free last week. I focused more on understanding the content. However, again, if I were to do it all over again would have probably finished the test sooner at 75 had I done the whole Hurst Review course.

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    Congratulations! Good luck on your nursing career!

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    Good luck everyone on your NCLEX exams!

    Kathyrdh1, the way I approached SATA questions is looking at each answer and asking whether they were incorrect or correct.

    Hope this helps!

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    I took the NCLEX-RN exam last week and got the good PVT pop up so I believe I passed. How long does it take to get the results whether you passed or failed the NCLEX-RN exam in California? When I took the NCLEX-PN it took about 4 weeks. Also, how long does it take for your name to appear in the Board of Nursing License Verification website?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Thank you Mya2bRN! I LOVED LOVED LOVED Hurst! I wish I had Hurst during nursing school too! I have to be honest with you. I really didn't dedicate 100% of myself to Hurst. I went through all of the content in days 1,2,and 3 and then went over maternity and did took only 1 practice test through Hurst. Had I done it over again, I would have dedicated all of my time to finish the whole program and finished the rest of the program.

    The questions on Hurst were really straightforward. Hurst really helped me on content. I couldn't help but hear a southern accent throughout my test! LOL I didn't use Kaplan but, did their free NCLEX test. I felt their test questions were harder. Questions were not the same only the look and feel of the interface.

    I didn't use the allnurses NCLEX study guide but, had wished I studied it over before I took my exam. I looked at it AFTER the NCLEX and feel it's a really good study guide to go through to add to your NCLEX study material. Def use it!

    The NCLEX did feel like no test I have ever seen. The questions were not hard nor easy. Use the resources you have, study and have confidence that you will pass! I wish you all the best! Let me know if you need any other advice or help!

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    Congrats and Good luck!