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  • Sep 11 '15

    We are working hard to watch this thread so that we can keep it running

  • Sep 11 '15

    This broke my heart today. Suicide is a topic that hits close to home for me. I never knew Brian, though I have been a lurker on Allnurses for a long time before becoming a member. I can't begin to describe how much this website has influenced my career and myself as a person, or how much I have learned and continue to learn. I will be forever grateful to Brian and everyone who made this website possible, as well as those who continue to do so.

    This reinforces to me that we never can guess another persons demons or struggles. Someone may appear (and actually be) very successful and blessed in many ways, but experiencing turmoil internally or behind closed doors. The despair and hopelessness that drives a person to commit similar actions are beyond my comprehension, but my heart breaks for everyone in the situation.

    I look at pictures of him and his family and choke up. It's impossible to understand this. Whatever happened, Brian did wonderful things as a person and they were a beautiful family. I can't imagine how hurt, shocked, and confused their extended family feel during this time of loss and grieving. My prayers and heart go out to them, as well as the moderators and administrators in this website.

  • Sep 11 '15

    Quote from NewbieEDRN
    I've mostly lurked, but haven't logged on in years. I found out about Brian and his family's passing via It's being reported as a murder/suicide. I don't know what happened, or who did what. But, this community has kept myself and many others sane through our nursing journey. For that, I just want to say thank you Brian. May you and your family rest in paradise.

    News outlets are now reporting that Brian shot his family and turned the gun on himself. I stand by what I said earlier about Brian. I am, however, saddened if this news is true. It takes a desperate person to do something like that. I don't know what drove him to do such a thing, but I hope he's now found peace. My condolences to the families & friends of Brian, his wife, & kids, and to all the staff.❤️

  • Sep 11 '15

    Very disappointed & surprised that my account was banned.

    I said that the friends and family of this tragedy are in my thoughts & prayers.
    (I said that my only child was also murdered.)
    I said that this is an opportunity for people to learn more about IPV.

    All of these are true - and all of them were said in the most appropriate way.

    Presumably my account was banned because by talking about IPV I inferred that this tragedy is related to IPV. Our culture has a very strange problem when it comes to IPV (and that strange problem also affects those in the medical community) because they have a very difficult time admitting that IPV is a problem which affects all types of people - and that an outsider may not see a single warning sign.

    Comments on here have said "he seemed happy" "he loved his family" "he seemed normal" and all of these statements can be 100% true even if somebody is abusive. IPV is about power & control - and the medical community does itself no favors by ignoring this reality. As I mentioned in the post which got me "permanently banned" medical personnel are often in a unique position to screen patients for IPV; if you do not understand what IPV is then you are unlikely to do a good job of screening for it. THIS IS A REMINDER that this tragedy affects people from all walks of life and needs to be addressed by all communities. Denying this reality is as effective as burying your head in the sand - and works just as well as it does for ostriches.

    You know: it's okay to celebrate the good that he did for this community - but it's really not okay to pretend that his final act was anything but reprehensible. I said nothing about this in my initial post but reading some of the misstatements and inappropriate apologizing for his actions is just not okay (and frankly I'm annoyed at the knee-jerk response of whatever moderator removed my sympathetic message and then banned the account).

    What you will do with this event and the associated impact is up to you ... I see it as a tragedy but also an opportunity for change; if you decide to instead misplace your anger and lash out at those who are giving voice to the tragic and terrible truth here that's your decision but I wish that you would not.

  • Sep 11 '15

    May the family rest in peace. I was so saddened hearing about this and am having a hard time understanding it. If anyone else reading this is stressed about life, please talk to someone, decompress..please do not kill yourself or others. We need to share our concerns and feelings and ask for help. Tomorrow is a new day and people can forgive.

  • Sep 11 '15

    Quote from Esme12
    We need names!

  • Sep 10 '15

    The expectation in Grad school is that you know how to study and learn, and you do not have to be spoon fed information. My friends and I were also a bit shocked at the level of expectation compared to the BSN, and the sheer amount of learning required to master a subject. We also are required to have an 83 or above in every class to remain in the program.

  • Sep 10 '15

    Quote from B_rac777
    So are all the grad classes like patho where the instructors aren't doing much teaching, just assigning readings and discussions? Or is it just because patho has so much material? I'm mainly asking this because I'm looking for a grad program where the instructors are doing video lectures and still doing teaching, not just assigning readings.

    This is the difference between undergrad and grad and a concept that was hard for me to understand until I had multiple friends confirm it for me. I am only in my first semester but it seems evident to me already.

    No matter the program or degree a lot of grad school is self-learning.

  • Sep 10 '15

    My heart hurts for everyone going through difficult situations. I hope you can find some solace here in our corner of the internet.

    I know I have turned to AN when dealing with things in my offline life.

  • Sep 10 '15

    Now that AN has been on the news imagine all the whackos that are gonna come crawling over here! O.O Take cover!

  • Sep 10 '15

    While I have been chastised for printing the entire abstracts of those studies, I believe it is misleading to truncate them in such a way as they are as of today, even for a website that characterizes itself as strictly for entertainment purposes. What is the purpose here? Entertainment or reliability for clinical relevance?

    I encourage everyone to go and find the full abstracts (they are ridiculously easy to find if you go to Google, choose Google Scholar under More, and enter the title or the authors) and check out the methods and the complete conclusions. Mostly they say that there is no clinically significant difference between temps measured by the gadget in the paid advertisement here and other more available and much less expensive methods of thermometry.

  • Sep 10 '15

    Am I going to get a press ganey survey about reading this article?
    It wasn't ALWAYS accurate and ALWAYS informative

  • Sep 10 '15

    *hugs to everyone* It seems this time of year is not the best time. Sending prayers out to everyone. You guys have been there for me so if anyone needs to talk, I'm here.

  • Sep 10 '15

    Quote from margin261
    I'd never heard it before, so when I saw it again it stuck out. And yes, some people are that bored. More than that, some people (more lately) are that crazy!
    Bored & crazy are a dangerous combination. Yikes.

  • Sep 10 '15

    Quote from ixchel
    I'm so confused right now.
    I am going to make some popcorn the old fashioned way in a pan with sea salt and real butter want some?