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  • Feb 22


    I think what the OP meant by EO, is Expected Outcomes..... Just a guessin'

  • Jun 23 '17

    Quote from RN2Bee84
    Thank you so much for the info.bowingpur I really appreciate it. Are you a student at Keiser? If so how are you liking their program?

    I am a Keiser Nursing student at the Melbourne Campus, I graduate in July this year and am SUPER SUPER excited. Look, EVERY program has its ups and downs, if you can get into a program YOU decide what kind of nurse you are going to be and HOW much you learn. Want some advice from an older, been there done that student?

    Don't get caught up in the drama, where more than 2 females are in a room for a length of time, drama will ensue.

    STUDY UR BUTT off, don't just study what they tell you "might" be on a test, really dig into the pathophysiology of what is happening to the body, ie. your patient.

    Take time, even if it is an hour, just for you, if it is sitting in a coffee shop (without nursing books). 18 months might not seem like a long time but I am telling you by the time you get were I am, you are emotionally, mentally, pooped. I pushed myself all the time, I didn't take time often for myself, just do it, trust that.

    START from FUndamentals taking NCLEX questions, you are thinking, "but I don't really know enough yet" There are NCLEX books for fundamentals, actually each of your classes. It gets you thinking about thinking. "critical thinking". I can't tell you what a difference it makes to do TONS of questions before you take the test in class. It gets your mind thinking the way nursing students need to think.

    This is the updated version of the book I used....

    The last bit of advice I have for you is simple...... Don't lose yourself or the reason you wanted to be a nurse. It is SUPER easy to get upset, nervous, and freaked about things and it takes your breath and you start questioning what the heck you are doing.... I keep and have kept a note that I wrote before I started school, when I was nervous and excited and happy (not that I am not those now, it just changes) and I keep that note in my book and I look at it when those "what the heck" moments come upon me, it is a simple reminder of WHY I am doing this.


  • Jun 14 '17

    Quote from JustinTJ
    I did the cardinal sin. I stopped working before squaring away a private loan. Are there any companies that don't care about income?

    My credit is perfect, no lates, 12 years, 760ish score.
    I was in the same boat. Chase student loans is who I used. I can get up to 40000 per year while I am in school and can use it for whatever I need. The money comes straight to you, not the school, for you to do as you need. I was going to go with Sallie Mae or Astrive but they wanted money up front for the loan and Chase tacked it onto the loan amount. I have a TOTAL deferral until 6 months after I graduate.

    Good luck

  • May 20 '17

    Quote from rrandle02

    My friends that are nurses and other people have been giving me grief about taking a job at an abortion clinic. Is it really that bad. I have a "things happen" attitude about abortions, but I kind of have an uneasy feeling about the whole thing (mainly because everyone disapproves). What do you guys think? I have bills and they are paying me VERY well.

    If your friends are going to pay your bills and let you have the lifestyle you want, if they are going to sleep for you at night...then let them dictate what you do with your life, Otherwise, tell em to mind their own business. If you can cope with that type of job, if you can sleep ok or even good at night, then by all means go for it. Everyone has the right to GOOD medical care, whether people believe in the place you work or not. Those people DESERVE quality as well as the little old lady who broke her hip going to her bingo game or the transexual who broke his/her ankle wearing a new pair of heels.

    BY ALL MEANS be THAT nurse so many are afraid to be.

    THUMBS UP FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mar 30 '17

    Quote from mommie2bodie
    I am getting ready to start nursing school. I am considering going to Keiser University because it takes so so long to get into nursing school where I live. I can get in to Keiser faster meaning faster graduation. I have heard mixed things about this school. Could you tell me what you know about it or have heard?
    I go to Keiser University just a little south of you, Melbourne. IT IS FABULOUS!! We have a 98% first time pass rate. The classes are set up so that, in your pre reqs, you are doing one class at a time. For example, for 4 weeks you will have AP I and no other class. Then off to 4 weeks of another class.

    KEISER, if you will look this over, it shows the overview of the nursing program as well as the classes you will be taking. IF you don't have the classes at the bottom of this link, it will take you 22 months TOTAL to get your Associates in Science for Nursing. IF you do have all the pre reqs, then the program will take you 18 months to complete the nursing core.

    Keiser is looking for students who can be focused and study a lot of information in a short amount of time, so you will take 2 tests. They are not hard, per se, the latter test you take, the NET, a study guide is available.

    As for wait lists, they do not exist. I applied in Jan this year and started in April. When you are accepted into the nursing program you are given a start date. They start every 4 months here.

    If you have ANY further questions you can send me a private message and I will be glad to answer any further questions or address any concerns you might have.


  • Mar 27 '17

    For the people who repeatedly, in several posts, like to comment that Keiser is not accredited, those statements are completely unfounded and inappropriate. Keiser is and has been for several years, accredited by SACS and NLN. I hope that those who keep stating that in different posts will order a packet from Keiser and get their information corrected so they will cease trying to pass out information that is false.

    To the poster who asked about Keiser schedules

    Ok, the pre reqs are 1 month each and you only take one class at a time, if you take them on campus. For instance, you take Algebra this month and go 3 days per week from 8-12. Next month you take English Literature, same thing. In your Pre reqs the only classes that are 5 days per week are AP I, AP II, and Microbiology. The up sides to all that is 1, you only have to focus on one set of information and testing at a time, and that as I did, have ALL my pre req classes completed in 8 months. Oh, Keiser Melbourne campus, as I am sure several others do as well, have night classes you can take with your pre reqs or online classes you can take as well.

    The other up side is I started my pre reqs in May 2007 (I had to take all of them) and I had them completed by January, started my nursing classes then and I will be done this July. While unfortunately, a lot of people at other schools are on waiting lists. Melbourne campus has a "wait list" now if you call it that, I think they are opening up for classes for next year. They start a new nursing class every 4 months. 4-8 months wait is a heck of a lot better than 3-4 years, for me.

    Now the nursing classes work differently, in most of them they are 3 months long, after the first week or two of 5 day a week classes, you will most likely have Monday or Friday as an "autotutorial day" (just a day you don't have to be at school) Tuesday and Weds are normally clinical days (days you go to hospital sites and work with patients) those hours are give or take a few minutes from 645 am to 300 pm, Thursday and Friday (if Monday is your auto day) are back in the classroom. You spend a lot of time outside of class prepping, studying and such.

    I can tell you that a lot of schools in my area, Melbourne, are not as hands on with patients as we are allowed to be. I have friends who attend other schools and they are not allowed the types of or the amount of interactions we have with patients.

    Oh, about kids, nearly 2/3 of the people in my class have children and are doing well. At the beginning of each set of nursing classes you get a schedule, at least at my campus, that covers the days for the 3 months you are in that class, so you know ahead of time and can make decisions around that schedule.

    Yes, Keiser is expensive, it is a private university, but myself and hundreds like me are willing to take that on to become nurses sooner and with a solid knowledge base under our feet when we graduate.

    If you all have any further questions I will be happy try to answer them.