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    I think what the OP meant by EO, is Expected Outcomes..... Just a guessin'

  • Jun 23 '17

    Quote from RN2Bee84
    Thank you so much for the info.bowingpur I really appreciate it. Are you a student at Keiser? If so how are you liking their program?

    I am a Keiser Nursing student at the Melbourne Campus, I graduate in July this year and am SUPER SUPER excited. Look, EVERY program has its ups and downs, if you can get into a program YOU decide what kind of nurse you are going to be and HOW much you learn. Want some advice from an older, been there done that student?

    Don't get caught up in the drama, where more than 2 females are in a room for a length of time, drama will ensue.

    STUDY UR BUTT off, don't just study what they tell you "might" be on a test, really dig into the pathophysiology of what is happening to the body, ie. your patient.

    Take time, even if it is an hour, just for you, if it is sitting in a coffee shop (without nursing books). 18 months might not seem like a long time but I am telling you by the time you get were I am, you are emotionally, mentally, pooped. I pushed myself all the time, I didn't take time often for myself, just do it, trust that.

    START from FUndamentals taking NCLEX questions, you are thinking, "but I don't really know enough yet" There are NCLEX books for fundamentals, actually each of your classes. It gets you thinking about thinking. "critical thinking". I can't tell you what a difference it makes to do TONS of questions before you take the test in class. It gets your mind thinking the way nursing students need to think.

    This is the updated version of the book I used....

    The last bit of advice I have for you is simple...... Don't lose yourself or the reason you wanted to be a nurse. It is SUPER easy to get upset, nervous, and freaked about things and it takes your breath and you start questioning what the heck you are doing.... I keep and have kept a note that I wrote before I started school, when I was nervous and excited and happy (not that I am not those now, it just changes) and I keep that note in my book and I look at it when those "what the heck" moments come upon me, it is a simple reminder of WHY I am doing this.


  • Jun 14 '17

    Quote from JustinTJ
    I did the cardinal sin. I stopped working before squaring away a private loan. Are there any companies that don't care about income?

    My credit is perfect, no lates, 12 years, 760ish score.
    I was in the same boat. Chase student loans is who I used. I can get up to 40000 per year while I am in school and can use it for whatever I need. The money comes straight to you, not the school, for you to do as you need. I was going to go with Sallie Mae or Astrive but they wanted money up front for the loan and Chase tacked it onto the loan amount. I have a TOTAL deferral until 6 months after I graduate.

    Good luck