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    Has anyone ever been told that evidence based practice suggests that new grads do better when precepted by new nurses? And by a new nurse I mean nurses that have been in practice less than one year.

    Any feedback would be appreciated.

    Leesha 😷

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    Just wondering what everyone's policy is regarding supplementing potassium where you work. I work in a large hospital and there is one nurse in particular that insists that everyone's potassium should be at least 4. My thought is that as long as they are 3.5 to 5 and their magnesium is 1.6 to 2 then that should be good. The only exception I see is if they are on tele and have a significant cardiac history then their potassium should be at least 4.

    I'm curious about how other nurses feel about this.

    Leesha BSN, RN-BC

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    I don't think age should prevent you from pursuing your passion. Only you know what you are capable of handling. Nursing is very mentally and physically taxing but there are a variety of areas available to work in. I personally applaud your desire to go back to school. Best of luck to you!!

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    First of all you don't have any idea what I have or intend to do to facilitate change. There is a right and wrong way to speak to people whether on a public forum or not. Not everyone has that ability which is sad.

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    I agree that the managers job is tough and thankless. From what I understand being there less than a year these problems have always existed. I know there are problems everywhere. I appreciate those of you that have given constructive advice. I'm not looking to leave where I am, just trying to find ways to stay positive. I have been a member of this forum for many years and sometimes we just need to vent which is what I was trying to do. I will be deleting this post and from now on will just read about other people in similar situations. Hopefully those that are critical will not find themselves in situations where they need to vent or seek advice. Thank you to all of you that understand and can relate.

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    It is a managers problem to fix when all of their staff are leaving. We know what the problems are and have made them aware but they are not fixing it. I'm not unhappy there nor have I said that I was. I am sad and discouraged that so many good nurses are leaving. I'm trying to stay positive among so much negativity. This is a forum to discuss these things among peers but not to get slammed with judgements. Maybe we should all just post about rainbows and unicorns?

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    True, but it's not my problem to assess. Management is aware of why people are unhappy but nothing changes. I don't agree that the grass is always greener somewhere else so I choose to stay and am trying to find ways to stay motivated to do that.

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    I am currently working in a large hospital on a very busy Med/Surg floor. I have been a nurse for 4 1/2 years and have been at this hospital for 9 months. Since working there I have seen 9 nurses leave. I have no intention of leaving myself but my question is how do you stay motivated when things seem to be falling apart around you? Everyone is very negative and unhappy. We are always short staffed, the acuity of our patients is very high and we have a non-confrontational manager. There are currently 4 more nurses planning to leave. I'm feeling very discouraged.

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    I think that many of the "non-health" related requests can be delegated to the nursing assistant. Seems like a pretty easy fix to me and certainly not worth getting up in arms about in my opinion. We will all have these patients no matter where we work...they are everywhere!!

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    I attended Grand Canyon for my BSN. I chose them because they were the least expensive. I had some frustrations along the way. They kept changing their minds in regards to which classes I would get credit for from my Associates degree. They also changed my counselor 3 times. The program itself was not difficult....just time consuming which I'm sure they all are. Good luck in your decision!!!

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    Why would you maintain a lower license?

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    Quote from LadyFree28
    I attempted to let my PN license expire while having my RN license and they sent a reminder stating that I would be fined if I didn't renew my license; I didn't want my expired PN license to affect my RN license so I paid it.

    You weren't missing anything; I'm only stating MY experiences with my license and how I couldn't "just let it expire"
    Maybe I'm confused but it's always been my understanding get that if you get a higher licensure it trumps all others. So if you had your LPN previously and then obtained your RN then the LPN license is no longer valid.

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    Thank you Flames9_RN!

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    I just graduated today from Grand Canyon University with my BSN 😊 Good luck to all of you going through it! You will be great!

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    This all happened after my transcripts were submitted. And 2 of the advisors gave me different answers. I am very frustrated and disappointed with their program. I should be graduating right now