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Beginings and Endings

Beginnings and Endings Through the glazed windows of my soul I watch as the scene played out before my eyes. I stood quietly observing the final hours of my patient and her family. Throughout my career I have supported and counseled families facing the prospect of losing someone they love or whose family member is facing pemanent disability and loss of independence. Shadows danced on the walls in the room where she lay. Sun light filtering in through the grated window brought into focus... Read More →

The Path

The Path of smoke and ashes It was the end of Nurses' week 2007; I had just parked in the North garage and was heading toward the hospital. I walked down the short set of stairs leading to the cobblestone path in front of me. I looked towards the West, drawn by the unusual orange glow streaking across the late afternoon sky; following the curve of the Earth. The sun continued its descent silhouetting the wisps of the pale grey smoke that had been drifting down from the North where the... Read More →