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    I am a fresh graduate of nursing and i took the june 2007 NLE. I'm still waiting for the results to come out. There are a lot of people telling me that I could apply for the application for licensure by examination form for CALI eventhough i havent passed yet the licensure exam here in the Philippines. Is that true?

    I dont want to waste my time while waiting for the results so I've downloaded already the application for licensure by examination form for cali. I've requested already fingerprint cards and I got it already. Im planning to process my papers already. my questions are:

    1.) I've got my fingerprint cards and i've read in the internet that I should go to carriedo to process it. What should i put in the race and
    SSno. Aliases-is that the same as my nickname?

    2.)I've given my request for transcripts and breakdown of nursing program in my school and they told me to come back within a wk. Is my school the one responsible for sending my transcript of records to the BON of cali or Can i just be the one to send the sealed certification of my transcript and breakdown of nsg program?

    3.)Another requirement is that i should Submit a copy of my license or diploma that allows you to practice the nsg profession. If you not have a license,a written explanation is required. What should i put in that written explanation? could you give me some advice? or should i just wait for the results to comeout this august?

    4.) They say that it takes 6 months for the application to be processed. But in the website of california BON it says that it take for about 4 to 6 wks processing. Im confused now.

    5.) im planning to review already since i have nothing else to do for im bored already waiting for the NLE2007 results. But is it advisable to review already in Kaplan while im processing the application for licensure by examination form for CALI? Or would that be just a waste of time and money?