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    I will be 44 next month and also have teenagers at home. One is in her senior year abd the other is a freshman. Hoping to start my RN -BSN in January and graduate in december of next year. I also work fulltime (6-12hrs +1- 8hrs) in two weeks. I work for the VA so sometimes my 12 becomes a 16 hrs and the 8 can become 12hrs. Forgot to mmention singlemom. DO it in the time that allows you to be comfortable . Being stressed out for a year while learning a new profession ......... I advise strongly against that . I did that when i went from LPN-RN , cried every night ... slept very little and tried to quit 2 weeks before graduation.
    But that's just me.

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    I agree with the previous poster. They run a little small for me also.However I feel that you must try them on. i ITRIED the same size in different styles and materials and ended up needing different sizes. Hope this helps

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    Hello there
    As a matter of fact I did.
    Graduated in 2011. I greatly enjoyed the teachers and my fellow Classmates , eventhough we did not see each other much.

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    "ISFJ " here. thought that I am the only "odd" one here.

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    CONGRATS and Hats OFF to this LADY!!!!!!
    All my excuses just walked right out of the door.

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    Congratulations!!!!! And Good Luck on the next part of your journey!!!!

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    i worked with a Nurse that graduated at age 60 . Myself i am 43 and been a nurse for 4 yrs, just graduated from LPN-ADN bridge last may.Now have
    my sight set on going back to school to get my BSN ...... then maybe even my MSN. You can do it . I work Full time and have two teenagers at home.

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    Hello there....First off Congrats for going back!!!!! Itook the scenic route also. Completed my LPN-ADN last year in May and have worked as a RN a litte over a year now.
    Now I am thinking about going back to get my BSN.The hardest thing for me is trying the funds for my education.Don't let anything stop you .GOOD LUCK on your Journey.

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    Great article!!!!! I really enjoyed reading. I also took the scenic route into Nursing. Worked in Human Services for 13 yrs before I made the JUMP into my current profession. I also work in LTC , and can truly say that the good outweigh the bad and I cannot imagine doing anything different .

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    very inspiring ......Patient recently told me what you just confirmed......Not looking at what you do as a chore but just a little help to make someone more comfortable ,or give them information they have been looking for.They will remember that longer than anything. I had to cry a little while reading your story.

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    Congrats!!!!!!!! That was very inspirational. I also took the "Scenic" route to becoming a RN. However my Guardian Angel was my 11 yrs old daughter at the time. I had two attempts at a local Community college ,while working full time and being a single mom. Missed my midterm by 3 points. 3 yrs washed away. Cried all the way home and for two days after that. My daughter looked at me and said:"so where are we going to school now????? You promised to become a Nurse. " She would not let me quit. I became a LPN in 2008 ,completed the LPN-RN bridge in 2010,and have not regreted a moment since.
    You are right ........God will work it things out on your behalf, you just have to tell him your dreams.

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    Congrats Ann, Hope that you will have many years of a rewarding career I have a fellow RN that graduated a local Community College at age 60. When she started the teachers were not very supportive of her. But she graduated TOP of her class and enjoys wha she does everyday.

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    I agree with having several ink pens in your pocket and a good pair of scissors will help ,too.
    Treating your aides with respect can make your life a lot easier, and remember most of your fellow nurses had to start somewhere eventhough they may have forgotten that.

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    #1 Not all your fellow co-workers and experienced Nurses mean you well.
    #2 Yes it is ok to question even a Dr.order, because they may have overlooked something or the patient forgot to mention it to them.
    #5 REMEMBER...Even Nursing is Customer Service . that will go a long way.

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    I agree with both of you. I graduated last year and havebeen in my position for about 8 months. There are still things that chere an throw a wrench in my day , but that happens even to the nurses with years of experience. I have seen nurses that have 20 +years experience loose their cool over things that i just laughed at. There will good days and there will be BETTER days. And you will learn something from all of them , even the so called bad oetnes. Please don't give up yet. If after at least 6 months you really don't like what you are doing , see if you could transfer to another unit. My teachers always said.....In Nursing you can do just about anything. Have you thouhgt of Flight nursing or a unit that has more
    Male nurses ???? Keep your head up and don't throw the towel in yet.