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  • Dec 12 '16

    As far as I know yes that is still true. Have a friend in CA that got her RN on-line through Excelsior and is licensed out of Texas I believe. She works for the federal government at the military base in San Diego. CA doesn't recognize the degree from Excelsior is what I understand.

  • Sep 30 '16

    Of those 3, Houston probably has the lowest COL but overall they're all about the same. Austin (& surrounding area) is one of the largest growing cities in the country & I think rents tend to be higher. Traffic sucks in all 3. Shopping is great in all 3. Housing would probably be cheaper than Houston or Dallas.

    Weather: All will get up to around 100 in the summer. Dallas gets more severe storms but more of all 4 seasons than the other 2. Austin area has been in a really bad drought for several years. Houston - hot and muggy, close to the coast, possibility of hurricanes. About the only places in Texas that see much of a "winter" would be around the panhandle: Lubbock, Amarillo, Midland/Odessa. I'm in central Texas and wear flip flops pretty much all year long. It just doesn't get very cold here.

    Austin is a very outdoorsy type city and you're in the center of the state so quick and easy to get to different parts of the Texas to see things. Houston - you've got the gulf coast, easy days drive to New Orleans, cruises leave from Galveston. Dallas - something always going on there.

    But from what I understand Texas isn't one of the best paying states for travelers. Most new RN or RN/BSN (residents - not travelers) will start off around $25-28/hr in the hospital. Jobs can be kind of hard to come by bc we have a lot of nursing programs in the state. Very competitive job market. If you don't have any RN experience it can sometimes be tough.

    Each city has lots to offer and there's always so much to go/do/see. I'm not a traveler (yet) but that's my perspective on Texas as a resident. I love it here and it's a great place to call home.

    Good luck to ya!