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Nursing: Taking Back Our Power

A few months ago, I wrote an article on Allnurses about dealing with annoying co-workers. During the time I wrote that article I was mired in negativity about my nursing career in general. I would wager a bet that every nurse has been there at least one time in their nursing career. I am not a positive person by nature. Unlike naturally positive people, I have to work at it. I want to be positive. I feel better when I am positive, but sometimes the negative bug bites me and won't let go. I... Read More →

What Graduate Nurses Need To Know About Nursing

My co-workers and I were sitting at the nurse's station the other morning after a rough 12-hour shift. It was the first time we had sat for longer than 10 minutes all night long. We were sleepy, exhausted and a tad irritated. As we sat resting our poor feet, the student nurses arrived on the floor. Taking in their crisp white uniforms, we glanced down at our wrinkled scrubs. Noticing their bright, shiny faces, I sneaked a peak at my co-workers. Our hair hung in our faces, mascara streaked... Read More →

Tips On How To Be An Extraordinary Med-Surg Nurse

What are the advantages of being a Med-Surg nurse? Med-Surg nurses develop a broad knowledge base of many different medical diseases and conditions. They are able to execute excellent patient teaching based on this knowledge. They are often highly skilled in assessing small changes in a patient's condition that can prevent more serious problems from developing. What are the disadvantages of being a Med-Surg nurse? The Med-Surg floor is sometimes insanely busy. The floor is often... Read More →

Tips for Nurses: Dealing with annoying coworkers

For me, the hardest type of nurse to deal with is a "free" charge who sits at the desk, reading, talking or knitting while her coworkers run around like chickens with their heads cut off. Not only are they not helping out, they are getting "charge pay" to sit there and do nothing. In my years of nursing, I have worked with many nurses like this. It will not do any good to address this issue with your floor manager. She is the one who schedules this nurse as charge nurse and she is fully... Read More →

Changes in Healthcare and How it Affects Nurses

For two years, I have struggled with accepting the fact that health care is rapidly changing, and along with it, the way we perform nursing care. A common thread here on allnurses is the growing discontent in the nursing field. Health care is changing. While medical costs have skyrocketed, hospitals have downsized their staff. Patients are paying more for health care, but sometimes their needs are not being met in a timely manner because of short staffing. As nurses, we pledged to... Read More →

Putting A Face On Mental Illness: A Personal Story

I was just a baby when my mother's little brother, Bob, tried to take his own life. He was 18. My grandpa was the one who found him, lying unconscious in a haze of exhaust and carbon monoxide. He pulled him from the garage, saving his life. As I grew up, my brothers and I spent a lot of time with uncle Bob. He was fun to be around. He would strum a song for us on his guitar, making the words up as he went along. He also was a gifted artist and he would draw funny pictures to keep us... Read More →

Patient Teaching Guide: Coumadin Therapy

This is an informational guide that I created for patients who are presently on Coumadin or expected to be on Coumadin upon discharge. It is in article form because it was a freelance article that I wrote. As we all know, it is up to nurses to do patient teaching, not the doctors! It is written in simple terminology that all patients can understand. When I was a home health nurse, it seemed that I was always doing research on diseases and conditions so that I could make up my own patient... Read More →

The Patients You Will Never Forget

Over the years, I have probably cared for thousands of patients. Most of them I don't remember, but there are a few who have stood out in my mind, for one reason or another. When I was in nursing school, I was doing my rotation in OB/L&D. I was still single with no children of my own, so to me, the Miracle of Birth was awe inspiring. My first patient was a 16 year old girl. Her boyfriend was 15 and looked 12. She was fairly well along in labor, and she wanted her boyfriend to rub her back.... Read More →

What Being a Nurse Has Taught Me

I have been a nurse for 14 years and over the years I have learned many things. I have learned that there are days when 12 hours feels like 24 hours. I have learned that it is okay to cry because you are frustrated. Just make sure that you are alone when you do it. It is also okay to cry with a patient and their family. I have learned that upper management really has no clue as to what goes on out on the floor. I have learned that if one of your co-workers is going to get promoted, it is... Read More →