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  • Dec 3 '15

    "I have always tried to meditate. I just couldn't do "

    Many, many people say they can't meditate, but I think they mean they feel that they can't meditate well. It is one of those instances where the value is in the trying, not in the succeeding.

    One of my lamas says, "there is no such thing as good meditation". For many of us, our minds do not settle down, but the benefit is in the sitting and continuing to redirect our thoughts.

    Also, it is like exercise. You don't start with the biggest weights on the first day, you just continue to lift the smaller ones for a long, long, time before anything like progress happens.

    After a while, you find that you can quiet your thoughts, abandon obsessing about things, and be focused when you need to.

  • Dec 3 '15

    I am a Buddhist.
    I have to say that without meditation I would have never made it through nursing school! It is a LOT different than mere "quiet time". It was hard for me at first, and I had to start with little, one or two minute sessions. There are many different kinds that our sect (Tibetan; Kagyu) practice. Several can help anyone be happier and think more clearly, while being secular enough to not interfere with Christian or Jewish or other faith. Kind of like yoga is a hindu, practice, but its good for everyone.
    I have to recommend Shinay for clarity of mind and accessing sub conscious.
    Also Tonglen for developing loving kindness (or just not killing co-workers!)
    and Lojong for coping with self, the world and society.
    I am not a shining example of perfect spirituality, but I am much, much happier and much more pleasant to be around because of my practice!
    Pema Chodron has many great books that are tailored to western thinking, particularly a book called Start Where You Are, and one called The Places That Scare You.
    Best wishes and happiness to all!