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Joined Jun 4, '07. dnnc52 is a Staff RN. He has '35' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'ICU,ER,med-Surg,Geri,Correctional'. Posts: 203 (46% Liked) Likes: 326

Nursing Class of 1978-Worked,SJMH in Weston WV great small community hospital a great way to break in to the profession I give much credit to this hospital. Worked ICU/ER. Then moved to NC worked several hospitals. Never made it back to college. Biggest mistake!. However did get a few accomplishments
The usual: ACLS,PALS.TNCC,MICN as well as some extras such as a few certifications held during my career: CCRN,CEN,TNS,CCHP, and now retain my cert. in Med/Surg and Geriatrics/ANCC. Then after 3 back surgeries(wonder why). And a few other issues, felt it was time for sabbatical or retirement. I feel my obligation to my profession, and my debt to society has been met. Feel very fortunate to have been a nurse during the patient service era before big business took hold of it. I missed the days of small community hospitals as opposes to these new Mega-Healthcare services, and the so-called non-profit services where the CEOs make over million dollars, while always cutting nursing services, and then wondering why care and customer relationship digress. So as I sit here in the sabbatical versus retirement state. I learn there is a GREAT LIFE outside of nursing.

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