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  • Apr 15 '09

    Well I was not born in the United States, but I am a naturalized US Citizen, my country is now the United States, where I live, where my family lives, where my friends and fellow Americans live, and the same is for the permanent residents of the United States (Green card Holders) who will live and work all their lives in the US.

    I have worked hard and earned my position with lots of tears, if I hadn't become a nurse I would still be living in the United States regardless, still working here. Working as what ? Maybe I would frying nuggets at McDonalds, sweeping the floors of a local mall (Nothing wrong with people who this, we need them too) ? Is this what I deserve because I have an accent or a tanned skin ? Should I be a second class american citizen ? Is not America that land of opportunity for everybody, the land that has attracted people from all over the world for centuries ?. It is Immigration that has made America stronger, since its early beginnings with the pelgrims.

    So in my personal battle, I had to decide to stay at MC D's frying nuggets or become a nurse ? So I became an RN, then recently became a Doctor, now in the process to apply for a residency in Surgery. I will live in the States no matter what I work, I've decided to give america my best and serve its people, and also make a better life for me and my family. Think about this ? If you are an US born american having the job of hiring nurses, would you hire me ? Or would you hire an RN who is your cousin or your bother in law ? You'd definitely be very tempted to hire him over me, unless you need me. I don't think this foreigners are taking anyone's job, the country itself need this input of foreign nurses as well as the american nurses. But I may be wrong.... This is just my humble thoughts.