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How to Survive (and Thrive) in Nursing School

as a new(ish) nurse, i still like to browse through the "student nurse" section of allnurses.com from time to time. what constantly strikes me is that i see the same questions and concerns over and over again. "i'm failing, and i don't know why" "i feel nervous in clinicals" and "i don't have time to do anything other than schoolwork" are all common themes. while there are some great answers from some wonderfully knowledgable and patient nurses (rip daytonite) out there, i thought a go-to... Read More →

Um... I don't know what an EKG is.

Case in point: when I started working in the hospital, my experiences in the medical field included several emergency room visits and one overnight stay as a kid, and sleeping in a chair at my grandmother's bedside the night before she died. I guess my personality sold me to the nurse manager when she hired me on as a part time unit clerk, because it certainly wasn't my medical expertise! So on my first day of computer training for the unit clerk job, I was sitting in a room with about 15... Read More →