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  • Aug 12 '16

    I agree with the above poster. I started nursing school in February and I was soooo intimidated by "critical thinking." It's not so bad. Critical thinking is something that you do every day.

    To oversimplify things a bit, when you are cooking or baking something new, you have to follow a recipe. The first few times it's more time consuming, and mistakes are easy to make because they are unfamiliar. (the learning process). After you've cooked/baked the dish a few times, it becomes intuitive, and steps are second nature. So if you decide to bake a cake one day, you assess your pantry, do you have all of the ingredients and supplies? What if you are missing some items, what do you do next, etc.

    So the theory you learn in class and the procedures you simulate in lab are kind of like the recipe. Clinicals is where you are attempting to bake. LOL!

    It's always nerve wracking to be watched, especially when you know you are being evaluated. If your clinical instructor hasn't given you any negative feedback, then you must be doing ok. Heaven knows if you mess up, someone will tell you!

    Just try to relax and trust your instincts, and do your best. Good luck!