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Meriwhen the RN

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Psychiatric nurse and fan of Shaun the Sheep.

How to Dress for Psychiatric Nursing

by Meriwhen - Many psychiatric facilities and settings allow or require that nurses and support staff wear street clothing instead of scrubs. Those entering into psychiatric nursing often ask, "If I can't wear...

Addictions Nursing

by Meriwhen - Addictions nursing deals with the nursing care of individuals suffering from one or more addictions. Addictions nursing is considered a subspecialty of psychiatric nursing. Patients may be suffering...

Agency Nursing

by Meriwhen - Agency nursing (also known as registry nursing) is the provision of nursing services on behalf of a staffing agency. The nurse is an employee of the agency; the agency sends the nurse out to various...

Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing

by Meriwhen - Psychiatric nursing (also known as mental-health nursing) is the provision of nursing care to patients with mental illnesses. Mental illnesses are medical conditions that have a direct impact on a...