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  • Apr 4 '13

    Grazing on healthy items works well for me. We don't usually have treats kicking around at night, because day and evening shift get those for the most part. I also drink lots of water and avoid pastries in Starbucks on the way home. Plus I exercise during the week. It's fairly easy for me to drop weight once I put my mind to it, it just requires a lot of discipline.

  • Apr 4 '13

    Quote from OCRN3
    I know there are fit nurses out there. I guess I set myself up for failure by not planning better.

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    My coworker is fit, runs minimarathons,but does shift work, and she just got sent to ED for sbp>190.Its the job...........

    makes me wonder- so she eats correct, prob has bmi of 20, runs cause whe enjoys it, but still gets screwed from all the stress.

    See? exercise and diet still dont help. removing the cause of stress might help, but who really knows.

  • Feb 26 '13

    Thanks everyone... and you guys are right, I am on a "pity party" and I know I need to stop because it's just gonna become a vicious cycle. There are plenty of people experiencing much worse in their lives than I am. So thank you for the "tough" answers because I need to hear that -- didn't realize how whiny I sounded lol. It's true that if you see yourself as the victim, you give up the control you have over changing the situation. Yeah this situation stinks and it's partly due to the economy too, but I just need to make the choice to work on my confidence, self esteem/insecurities (things within my control). Even if I have to fake it for now, just for the interviews...

    Anyone have any tips for that? I don't want to project that kind of image...

  • Feb 11 '13

    Quote from rachelshusband
    In the past two years since I've joined this website, you paint the gloomiest picture for nursing jobs in DFW.
    Sometimes the truth hurts, which is why many people gravitate toward 'yes'-people, cheerleaders and Pollyannas who paint unrealistic pictures and tell others exactly what they want to hear. The truth is that, although new grads in the DFW area are getting jobs, the local job market is horrid. Each job opening is receiving several hundred applications. There are not enough new grad openings for every new nurse who wants a job, plain and simple.

    People cannot seem to handle the truth and would rather hear, "There's a big nursing shortage! There's tons of jobs out there! You can get hired anywhere!"
    Quote from rachelshusband
    I don't recall you ever having anything postive to say.
    I feel I've made plenty of positive posts over the 8 years that I've been posting here, but I'm not one to candy-coat anything. However, you are respectfully entitled to your opinion on that matter.
    Quote from rachelshusband
    But beyond that, specific to this thread, it would have been best for you to not comment. You don't have the facts necessary to respond and as a result gave an inaccurate response. The rub is, your experience in the field isn't translating to you having knowledge on the topic of "DFW Internships 2013".
    I mentioned my previous work experience only because, in a previous post, you implied that I was purposely trying to sabotage peoples' chances at landing new grad spots. I was not pusposely attempting to sabotage anyone's chances at anything because I am not competing with the new grads.

    You know what? You're right. I'm wrong. Whoop-de-do and Hallelujah. I did not have the facts to respond to queries regarding Baylor's timeframe for accepting applications. However, please be more attentive to the dates that these discussions are started. This discussion was originally not about Baylor, and it was started one month ago before Baylor's application period had even opened. I was giving a general time frame that had nothing specifically to do with the Baylor health system.

    I wish you the best of luck with you future endeavors. And, as always, if you see a post that rubs you the wrong way or incites feelings of angst, it might be best for you to ignore it. We actually have an 'ignore' function that you can feel free to access. But keep this in mind: I am not one to shrivel up and back down. If you want positivity, you need to be more positive and look in the mirror.

  • Jan 14 '13

    I would think your attitude of entitlement and superiority is likely shining through in your interviews.You don't deserve your dream job more than the others and no life isn't always fair.Get used to it.

    And you're jealous of your husband? Really? Just because he didn't go to college you think he doesn't deserve a good job? You need to get over yourself.

  • Dec 31 '12

    I want to continue working towards being a better person. Basically that means eating healthy and exercising. Being the kind of friend I want and need. Being the best mommy and wife I can be. Being the best nursing student and graduating with my BSN before the end of 2013. No one is perfect, so my goal is to wake up each morning and simply try my best. Above all learn to be more comfortable in my relationship with God and get over my fear of sharing it when appropriate. It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to try to remember each day how blessed I am and to take every opportunity possible to share those blessings with anyone in need.

    I hope I don't come off sounding like I want to be a pompous saint...but I do have a tendency to be a little negative and do the "poor me" bit when things don't go my way. I need to shake that a little more and not be so annoying with it.

  • Nov 8 '12

    God is so so good. Praise him.

  • Oct 28 '12

    The way I see it, if the moon can control the ocean, it can have an effect on people.

    We all feel the effects of unseen "forces". When someone is grumpy or acting "off", others nearby can feel it, can't they? We've all heard the statement "cut the tension with a knife" and I'm sure most of us can remember walking into a room and just feeling that something was wrong before presented with any evidence of it.

    Do I believe in full moons? Heck yes.

  • Jan 19 '10

    Venting: I'm so tired of the day shift nurses coming in and during report sneering or making demoralizing comments regarding the night shift nurses' actions. I oriented on day shift and I understand it's busy and demanding. I have never, ever, given a second thought to passing meds you didn't get to or cleaning up a patient's room. Nursing care is 24/7. And when I try to talk to you about it, you become defensive. I'm exhausted and sick of your attitudes!

    "Oh, so have you checked the 0530 labs?" Mind you I've been passing meds since routine lab draw and haven't had time to check. They didn't even get processed until 0630 and now it's 7. You have a computer too...check it.
    "Why didn't you [insert verb]?" Let's see, I didn't wake Ms. So and So at 2am and bladder scan her because the poor agitated lady was finally sleeping for the first time in days and besides it would interrupt my bon bon eating schedule.

    I'd hate to ruin your delusions about what night shift is like, but really we don't sit around all night. When I have four or five patients, three of which are total care I'm running to provide for them. So don't come in all bright eyed at 0700-or 0730 since you're late ALL THE TIME and think you have all the answers. And if you roll your eyes when I try to explain why something was done or not done, don't think we don't see it. Take the freaking chip off your shoulder, wipe the condescending look off your face, and try a night shift sometime so you know what it's like. Oh, you tried night shift and couldn't take it...I see.

  • Nov 30 '09

    I'm a former police officer (now in nursing school). One of my ex-coworkers recently "resigned due to personal reasons" after it was discovered he made stupid comments on Facebook about "messing" with people while on patrol. Local newspaper found out, front page story, lawsuit, etc.etc.etc.

    WWW = nothing is private. Be careful.

  • Nov 30 '09

    Some people don't realize that even if your profile is blocked another person can just "poke" you on Facebook and get into your information. Last week my friends account was poked and someone got his number and made crank calls. I am still wondering why does he have his number listed in the first place.

  • Nov 30 '09

    well, think of it this way....

    after the first clinicals in nursing school and cleaning up poop marbles from an old, aggressive and confused man, the people in it for the money will realize how much work and ick is involved.

    and if they don't realize it then, they'll be lucky to skate through it and have their asses handed to them
    by someone else along the way.

    this is, by no means, an easy means to an end. however, i don't think we should bad mouth these types too much. think about how many "money" magazine and yahoo articles are devoted to how much money nurses can make. the problem with these articles is that they take patient care out of the equation.

    we've all been puked on, pooped on, harrassed, made med errors, watched people die, had doctors yell at us, juggled 5 or more patients, been hit on, or almost lost it as nurses. chances are, if you don't love patient care, you won't stick around very long.

  • Nov 29 '09


    Congrats and good luck

    my #1 tip is to get organised now and stay organised - I don't think there is any magic way of doing this, but you need to find what works best for you now, so when school starts your life is somewhat organised.

    Good luck, enjoy it, go in with a positive attitude and I'm sure you'll do great


  • Nov 9 '09

    Wow.... you guys are failing with >70s???? In our school passing is a 70 and pretty much what everyone gets. getting 75-80 is AMAZING, 80-85 is a miracle, and >90 is pretty much impossible..... I was failing my first clinical semsester and to make me feel better my instructor looked at the grading history, and NO ONE had gotten an "A" since the mid eighties. Talk about scary.

  • Nov 1 '09

    Good luck with that. My wife's finger was bitten off by a "customer" two years ago and we just found out today that the guy was found not guilty by reason of insanity. No jail time for biting off a finger!! You can "not tolerate" violence all you want, but it will still happen and our justice system is too impotent to do anything about it.