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One of Our Own

In the fire and EMS department we become a family. We work 24 hour shifts several times per week with the same people. We work hard and play hard. We share holidays, meals and sleep in the same room. We know their families, attend their kids ball games and birthday parties. We support them during the rough times and share their enjoyment of the good times. On calls we work as a tight-knit team. We anticipate each other’s moves and can talk without speaking. We enter scenes that are less... Read More →

Little Anna - Child Abuse

We had just backed into the station and set the airbrake after running our fourth “sick person” to the hospital since our shift started five hours ago. The pager went off again. My partner, Kevin, and I looked at each other, rolled our eyes, and said, “here we go again!” The dispatcher came over the radio—“Medic 2 respond for the four year old burn patient at 3626 Peachtree Avenue.” My heart sank as Kevin threw the ambulance into drive. We looked at each other again, only this time we weren’t... Read More →