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  • Jul 24

    If you pick up per-deim shifts from a pool;

    PRO's: you can pretty much pick whick days and hours you want to work.
    CON's: if your hours get canceled you either go w/o the hours or have to pick another day that you wanted off.

    From another Company;
    PRO's: your days are pretty much guanteed as you are replacing a person on thier day off
    CONS's: most Companies require you to work at least 1 weekend a month, which leaves you one weekend a month off. And you might have to work a holiday or 2.

    I have worked a full time position while working per-deim, it's exhausting as you really do have less down time. After a while you just need to take time for yourself and find that the money isn't always worth the toll on your body. They really look down on call-outs from per-deims, in some cases they just offer you what ever left over hours they have (usually the shifts no-one else wants) or just stop calling you.

  • Apr 10

    Got a new one, working 11p - 7a shift on rehab unit. It's about 2am, young male unable to sleep, claims he's starving:
    Me; why are you starving
    Him; I haven't eaten all day
    Me; why not they brought you up trays
    Him; I don't like American food
    Me; well thats what they cook here, what do you want me to do?
    Him; go to McDonalds and buy me food

  • Apr 10

    On your day off, cook me a meal for my family & guests and deliver it at 2PM. We want it hot!

  • Feb 20

    A Nurse's cap is called her "Dignity", I for one would be proud to wear mine for something other than graduation. It sits in the closet gathering dust, kinda sad that a big part of our history is religated to storage.