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    I am surpised there is not more discussion about this historic event.! Here from OHIO I am sending my support to all my nursing colleagues in MN who have the backbone to stand up to administration in defense of safe patient care!

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    Hey MN nurses: supporting you in spirit here from Ohio and wish you the BEST. Although the economy is poor we all should stick together and honor the picket line if and when it comes to that in MN or elsewhere. Ultimately this is about SAFE PATIENT CARE and NURSES NEED TO HAVE A VOICE! If RN's are forced to go on strike to be heard, so be it!

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    Until STAFF NURSES unite and speak in ONE voice we will continue to have little if any effect on the system. We have 2 choices, do nothing and continue to complain about how "they" are providing poor staffing, how "they" are all about the money, how "they" don't value what we do, blah, blah, blah. OR WE CAN UNITE, TAKE A STAND AND SPEAK OUT AND BE THE PATIENT ADVOCATES THAT WE ARE! IF WE ALL (or at least the majority) OF US DO THIS WE WILL BE HEARD! WE HAVE SO MUCH POWER BY OUR SHEER NUMBERS AND WE ONLY HAVE TO OWN IT AND THEN EXERCISE IT!!!!!!!!! WAKE UP!!!!!!

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    Interesting...considering the "reading level" of the NCLEX is only at the 11th grade level. Doesn't sound to me like the standard is raised, only trying to appear "as if" the standards are being raised.

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    Citizens in this country should be able to CHOOSE if they want any additive put in their body or not, not mandated! This is the United States of America not a dictatorship. Last I knew health care workers were citizens and have the same rights as other people who live in this country.

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    Yes I know what nurses and doctors do are different and when a nurse is working in a hospital setting on an inpatient floor chances are the patients she is caring for are more acutely ill than the ones at the doctor's office.

    Of course I would want to know that one of my patients is vomiting blood or a lab value is critical but I may be at a bedside with another very acute problem with another patient who needs (and deserves and is paying for) 100% of my attention! Last I knew code buttons could be utilized for emergencies unless that's now also attached to the nurses phone system...

    I cannot be everywhere all the time. Many of the demands put on us are above and beyond what is humanely possible or in the BEST INTEREST OF OUR PATIENTS. Having a phone to ditract me is something I hope I never have to deal with.

    I am glad many of you like and use them. Will be interested in the next large study about preventable health care errors like the IOM 1999 study. Now we can include telephone distractions at the bedside.

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    Went to the OBN site to read about ATS. According to what's posted the issues have to do with administrative decision making and not the educational program itself.

    Recongnizing time is important factor, however a BSN route is the best way to go when it comes to nursing, in my opinion. For our profession to advance our minimal entry requirements should be at least a 4 year degree.

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    I have not personally worked with this phone system however I have been a family member of a hospitalized patient whose nurse used a similar system and I thought it was rude an inconsiderate for a nurse who is caring for one patient to have to take the time and answer, then talk, to the caller.

    When I call my doctor's office to speak with him I usually get a receptionist who tells me my doctor is busy with another patient and has me leave a message. In the hospital the patients are in beds, and are much sicker than those in my docotor's office (usually) so I wonder why should a nurse who is busy with acutely ill patients have to take the time, have her/his train of thought broken to answer a phone? Makes no sense to me. Last I knew nurses could only take care of 1 person at a time just as other health professionals do.

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    I look forward to a national mandate for nurse-patient ratios. Patients deserve it!

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    If we let the discussion of healthcare go on without those of us at the bedside particiapting in the discussion, nothing will change! We cannot allow the hosptial CEO's, the nursing home CEO's, the Chief Nurse Officers, the DON's the ANA, the Nurse Executive organizations etc. to be SPEAK FOR US! BEDSIDE NURSES NEED TO BE AT THE TABLE!

    Yes the economy is in the toilet...but I ask those of you who are seasoned nurses, was the nurse to patient ratio improved 5 years, 10 years, or 20 years ago? Where I am the answer is NO! My mom was just in the hospital and the step-down unit had 1 RN to 7 patients! I could only imagine what the med-surg floor was like.

    There is always some excuse not to have enough nurses and now the excuse is the economy. Yea, yea we will hear "You should be lucky you have a job" and this is a fear tactic used to keep us in place, (think about it, how many times has your manager or DON said these words to you)! (I am not implying we should not be thankful, but gratitude is between me and my Maker, not the CEO or Chief Nurse Officer at the hosptial I work!)

    Hospitals will use the current situation to their advantage as a convenient excuse to not hire enough nurses which is necessary to provide the safe proficient care THE CITIZENS of our country deserve! Will those same hospitals cut the CEO's pay, will the bonuses offered to the executives be vanished, will we actually ever really know? Um....

    If we do not speak up and let the realities be known we will have no one to blame but ourselves if conditions do not improve!

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    Rep. Lois Capps phone number in Washington :202-225-3601. I just called, voiced my opinion about causes of shortage and how bedside nurses need a voice. I'm calling my Ohio senators and representatives. I hope EVERY nurse who reads this does the same....

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    I'm reading this post and all the comments and wonder, why don't WE call the White House and our respective city newspapers and tell them WHAT THE REAL PROBLEMS ARE...very poor working conditions and everything else that goes along with our situation? If WE allow senators, representatives, HOSPITAL LOBBYISTS, the ANA and all the other stake holders who do not, I repeat do not do the science and art of bedside nursing, to have this debate without OUR voice, FROM the horses mouth, than IT IS OUR FAULT IF THINGS DO NOT IMPROVE!!!!!!!!!!!! CALL, CALL, CALL! Get your RN friends to call! WE need to let them hear us!!

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    Ohio has passed legislation (HB346) as well that "mandates" staff nurses be on a committee regarding staffing. I believe this same piece of legislation is in many happens to be the AHA and the ANA's response to ratios! Having this legislation on the books gives the appearance that hospitals will staff appropriately and we all know what the reality will be!

    Here in Ohio the only requirements (for the "staffing" bill) are that 50% of the committee is made up of staff that implies the other 50% is management, administration or maybe another discipline correct?? The staff nurses at the hospital I work are HAND PICKED by managers to be on the committee. These nurses are good at patient care however they are not the type who will question or challange authority. This so-called staffing committee is only mandated to convene yearly. There is NOTHING in the law about enforcement or what happens if the staffing committee's recommendations are not followed. The law is not worth the paper it's written on! It is deceptive, purposely deceptive.

    There is room in ratio legislation which allows for acuity of the patient so if a patient requires 1:1 than that's what the patient will get.

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    Teresag_CNS: I respect your opininion about the ANA however at my level, a staff nurse for over 20 years, I have not seen 1 thing the ANA has done for me or other staff nurses here in Ohio. I worked for a very brief time at a hospital that was unionized by the local chapter of the ANA and I read the contract. Although the pay was a little better than other hospitals, the contract itself seemed more sensitive to the hospital rather than to ITS MEMBERS!

    NNOC-CNA know how to take action rather than sitting around for YEARS on end studying something and putting out position statements, only to change the statement when the wind blows a different way! NNOC is NOT trying to divide the profession, in my opinion we have been divided long before NNOC took on the national battle for ratios. Seems to me the ANA is a much more dividing force than any other nursing organization.

    I have been to several events and have heard NNOC representatives speak and I WAS VERY MUCH IMPRESSED. They speak reality not lofty ideas.

    The ANA has heard from its membership and has chosen not to hear its calls for change so of course another organization will become the one of choice for STAFF NURSES!!