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  • Aug 1

    Quote from al7139
    If you volunteer for a shift it will be the shift from Hell, even if you had the same patients the night before, and they were fine!
    Or you get floated to the floor that everyone hates; including the people who work said floor.

  • Mar 12

    Only time I wear gloves with IVs are when I'm hanging blood, drawing labs, or hanging/pushing chemo. It's really useless to do so otherwise.

  • Dec 6 '15

    Interesting. At my hospital, we pad side rails & have them all up. When all 4 side rails are up per seizure precautions, they are not considered to be a restraint.

  • Dec 1 '15

    Quote from SwinkerDoodleRN
    I love reading this stuff. I work in PICU and we have a doctor who will write "check snot for RSV.". Or "get pts butt out of bed" instead of writing ambulate hallways or swab for RSV! Lol. I've also looked at his progress notes and right After we went from paper to computer charting I read a note he had written that stated, "pt not drinking but unable to read the organized ******** in the graphics. ". Haha. Not as good as some that vie read on here
    But had to share.
    This kind of reminds of me a note one of our docs wrote one time. He's notorious for putting random, non-sensical things into his progress notes. I don't remember why the lady was in the hospital, but in the middle of his note, we have this gem, "the pt is laying next to an uneaten chocolate chip cookie. I think this is good."

    As for the funniest order I've ever seen, insert NG PRN for hiccups.