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  • Oct 23 '15

    I have never regretted becoming a CNA....

    1) I love my job.

    2) My future plans are to become an RN, not a medical assistant, so becoming a medical assistant just didn't make any sense to me.

    3) I'm making more at my CNA job than one of my friends does who is working as a medical assistant.

    4) Tuition for the CNA course that I took was less than $1,000. Very worth it to me in my opinion.

    There is nothing wrong with being a medical assistant or a CNA; some people just have different career paths.

  • May 30 '15

    Good luck!

    It's definitely smart not to wait forever to take them. I graduated May 6th, took my boards May 18th, and passed. As long as you've been practicing questions and reviewed infection control, lab values, prioritization, and going over areas you feel weak in, you will be fine.